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Agiles Data Warehousing leicht gemacht

In diesem Webinar zeigen Alex Herdt und Christoph Möhrlein von Attunity, wie Compose, Attunity's Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) Lösung alltägliche IT-Tätigkeiten im Data Warehouse Umfeld automatisiert und beschleunigt - vom Design über die Erzeugung bis hin zur Verwaltung von Data Warehouses und Data Marts.

Accelerating Real-Time Data Ingest Into Hadoop

Join the experts from Hortonworks and Attunity to learn how to ingest your most valuable data into Hadoop using Attunity Replicate; how customers are using Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) powered by Apache NiFi; and how to combine the real-time change data capture (CDC) technology with connected data platforms from Hortonworks in...

Utilise the power of enterprise Hadoop with Attunity and Hortonworks

The closer Apache Hadoop comes to being a real time platform for your enterprise data, the more business critical the data integration layer becomes. To enable the real time platform, it requires both minimal impact on production with CDC (change data capture) and real time data via Kafka and HDF™...

Aktuelle SAP-Testdaten durch selektives Kopieren mit Attunity Gold Client Solutions

In diesem Webinar zeigen Alex Herdt und Adrian Bromell von Attunity, wie Sie mit Attunity Gold Client Solutions passende, aktuelle SAP-Testdaten bereitstellen und den dafür erforderlichen Zeit- und Ressourcenaufwand erheblich reduzieren können. Außerdem sehen Sie eine Livedemo unserer SAP-Datenmanagement-Lösung Attunity Gold Client Solutions.

Automation – Increasing Agility and Reducing Time to Value of your Enterprise Analytics

The modern distributed landscape is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, enterprises’ thirst for new data, agility and more complex analytics is also intensifying. Find out how enterprises can remain agile and reduce time to value by extending the use of data warehouse automation tools to work in a...

Create A Data Warehouse in Just Days - with Attunity Compose & Attunity Replicate

Watch this exclusive webinar to see how Attunity Compose can help build data warehouses 4x faster and with 80% less resources. A modern data warehouse automation solution, it automatically generates the tables and code needed to build and populate data warehouses and data marts.

24Hours of PASS - PASS Summit 2016 - Enabling Real Time Analytics with CDC & Data Warehouse Automation

Watch this on-demand webinar to explore current data warehouse trends in integration/CDC, automation, design patterns and technologies for hybrid BI infrastructures to/from SQL Server, Azure and beyond.

Streaming Data Ingest and Processing with Kafka

Watch this on-demand webinar featuring subject matter experts from Confluent, the creators of Apache™ Kafka, and Attunity, a leader in data integration software, to learn how to realize the value of streaming data ingest with Apache Kafka and accelerate data delivery to enable real-time analytics.

How to Accelerate Real Time Data Ingest and Automate Transfer into Hadoop

Watch this webinar to find out how to accelerate real time data ingest and automate transfer into Apache Hadoop with Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) and Attunity

How to Operationalise Real-Time Hadoop in the Cloud

Watch this webinar to learn out how Attunity Replicate, Cloudera and Microsoft Azure can help you to Operationalise Real-Time Hadoop in the Cloud.

Break Free from Oracle with Attunity and Microsoft

Watch this webinar featuring subject matter experts from Attunity and Microsoft Ready to learn how to migrate your Oracle databases to SQL Server 2014 or Azure – quickly and easily with zero downtime!

The Data Ninja’s Guide to Mastering Data Streaming With Kafka

To manage growing data volumes and the business demands to use it, you need to rapidly enable data streaming for analytics in heterogeneous environments. But integration across Hadoop, Kafka and other platforms can be prohibitively complex and costly, requiring manually-coded commands that can tie up your best programmers. Watch this...

How to Reduce Infrastructure Costs Rolling Out SAP HANA

Watch this webinar to learn how Attunity Gold Client can help your organisation reduce its infrastructure costs, enable you gain access to the data you need, reduce storage requirements to support your SAP environment and footprint on HANA, and Deploy rapid HANA migrations and Proof of Concepts

Big Data Management and Best Fit Engineering – Featuring Gartner

Download this Video Webinar Now! As enterprises add platforms to serve rising business user demands, architectures can become complex and costly to manage. CIOs, CDOs or CTOs might understand the value of Hadoop or the Cloud, but still struggle to apply it effectively to workloads and the data environment. Management...

Navigating the Digital Transformation landscape: How to Roll Out SAP HANA & Reduce Infrastructure costs

Digital disruption is here to stay and widespread across all industry sectors and day to day life. IDC expects that the percentage of enterprises creating advanced Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives will more than double by 2020, to almost 50%. Some digital enterprises have already upgraded to the SAP S/4 HANA...

How to Enable Agile Data Warehousing

Organisations today can no longer wait months for a business intelligence (BI) project to be completed. IT teams need to be able to quickly prepare data for analytics and support the real-time needs of the business. However, traditional methods of building data warehouses consume a lot of resources, take a...

Enabling an Agile Data Warehouse with Automation (Using Compose)

Organizations today can no longer wait months for a business intelligence (BI) project to be completed. IT teams need to be able to quickly prepare data for analytics and support the real-time needs of the business. However, traditional methods of building data warehouses consume a lot of resources, take a...

Big Data Meets the Cloud – Are you Ready for This?

Watch this webinar featuring executives from Attunity, THINKstrategies and Teradata Cloud to learn how to the best way to transfer data to the cloud and get the most value from it once it’s there.

What's Hot? What's Not? Get Your Data Warehouse Optimized with the Right Data

Are you getting the best value of your EDW appliance? If not, you’re not alone. Across enterprises, more than 70% of the CPU is used for preparing the data and less than 20% to answer business questions. Watch this webinar to learn how to optimize your data warehouse with the...

Best Practices for Data Lake – Who’s Using It and How Can You Get the Most Value from It?

To understand the adoption and maturity of data lakes, Attunity, Hortonworks, and Teradata sponsored research to uncover key trends. Watch this webinar to learn how 385 IT practitioners and stakeholders at organizations like yours are realizing value from data lakes in their environments.