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How to Accelerate Real Time Data Ingest and Automate Transfer into Hadoop

Watch this webinar to find out how to accelerate real time data ingest and automate transfer into Apache Hadoop with Hortonworks DataFlow (HDF) and Attunity

How to Operationalise Real-Time Hadoop in the Cloud

Watch this webinar to learn out how Attunity Replicate, Cloudera and Microsoft Azure can help you to Operationalise Real-Time Hadoop in the Cloud.

eBook: Big Data Management - Work Smarter Not Harder

In this ebook, we examine how the right data usage analytics technology makes all the difference to assure that data can be used as an asset rather than a liability. Specifically, organizations will learn how to manage data smarter, with better usage and system performance insights across the enterprise. This approach enables businesses to maintain or even reduce costs, and get real value from data faster and easier.

Migrate to SQL Server with Zero Downtime

Leading organizations can achieve high performance and reliability by migrating their Oracle data to the Microsoft Data Platform: SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Read this TechTarget whitepaper to learn about the benefits of migrating data from Oracle to SQL Server and how Attunity Replicate accelerates the data migration process quickly, easily, and continuously with zero downtime.

Break Free from Oracle with Attunity and Microsoft

Watch this webinar featuring subject matter experts from Attunity and Microsoft to learn how to migrate your Oracle databased to SQL Server or Azure quickly and easily with zero downtime!

Big Data Management and Best Fit Engineering – Featuring Gartner

Download this Video Webinar Now! As enterprises add platforms to serve rising business user demands, architectures can become complex and costly to manage. CIOs, CDOs or CTOs might understand the value of Hadoop or the Cloud, but still struggle to apply it effectively to workloads and the data environment. Management...

Large Online Travel Company Save $6 Million Using Attunity Visibility

This large online travel company saved $6 million using Attunity Visibility. In little more than a decade, the worldwide online travel marketplace has grown substantially, and now represents a significant percentage of all travel sales. Being the industry leader, this travel company had also seen exponential growth and was experiencing...

Major Telecommunications Firm Reduces Data Infrastructure Footprint by 30% with Attunity Visibility

This major telecommunications firm was able to identify the analytical workload in their eCDW environment using Attunity Visibility. With the new-found insight into their data warehouse, they were able to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve business agility for a large-scale Teradata enterprise data warehouse. The eCDW platform...

Navigating the Digital Transformation landscape: How to Roll Out SAP HANA & Reduce Infrastructure costs

Digital disruption is here to stay and widespread across all industry sectors and day to day life. IDC expects that the percentage of enterprises creating advanced Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives will more than double by 2020, to almost 50%. Some digital enterprises have already upgraded to the SAP S/4 HANA...

How to Enable Agile Data Warehousing

Organisations today can no longer wait months for a business intelligence (BI) project to be completed. IT teams need to be able to quickly prepare data for analytics and support the real-time needs of the business. However, traditional methods of building data warehouses consume a lot of resources, take a...

Enabling an Agile Data Warehouse with Automation (Using Compose)

Organizations today can no longer wait months for a business intelligence (BI) project to be completed. IT teams need to be able to quickly prepare data for analytics and support the real-time needs of the business. However, traditional methods of building data warehouses consume a lot of resources, take a...

Big Data Meets the Cloud – Are you Ready for This?

Watch this webinar featuring executives from Attunity, THINKstrategies and Teradata Cloud to learn how to the best way to transfer data to the cloud and get the most value from it once it’s there.

Best Practices for Data Lake – Who’s Using It and How Can You Get the Most Value from It?

To understand the adoption and maturity of data lakes, Attunity, Hortonworks, and Teradata sponsored research to uncover key trends. Watch this webinar to learn how 385 IT practitioners and stakeholders at organizations like yours are realizing value from data lakes in their environments.

Hadoop Meets the Logical Data Warehouse

Watch this webinar featuring subject matter experts from Attunity, Cisco and MapR to learn how get the right data to the right place at the right time so that you can extract value from the data as quickly as possible.

Miller Insurance Services LLP implements Attunity Replicate to Increase Efficiency, Improve Business User Satisfaction, and Reduce IT Overtime

Miller Insurance Services LLP is the leading specialist broker in the London wholesale market, operating internationally and at Lloyd’s. They chose Attunity Replicate to increase efficiency, improve business user satisfaction, and reduce IT overtime. Read the case study in full to learn more.

Major Insurance Firm Speeds Up the BI Supply Chain with Attunity Replicate

For more than a century, this major insurance firm has been committed to helping their individual and corporate customers with an array of insurance, financial and banking products. They chose Attunity Replicate because of its wide support of different sources and targets, its ease-of-use and its tight integration with Teradata...

Swiss Life France uses Attunity Replicate to Deliver a Near Real Time, Consistent View of Customer Data

Swiss Life, a major provider of insurance and wealth management uses Attunity Replicate to move data in near-real time from its DB2/z mainframe to an Oracle database, delivering a consistent view of customer data to sales people, service agents and customers. Read this case study to learn more.

Eckerson Group Report: Which Data Warehouse Automation Tool is Right for You?

By Wayne Eckerson, The Eckerson Group

If your organization has a data warehouse, you need to read this ground-breaking report.

Building a data warehouse has historically been a complex and time-consuming task, but it no longer needs to be. Data warehouse automation (DWA) solutions eliminate most of the manual...

Forrester Infographic: The Data Management And Analytics Dilemma

Organizations today are challenged to gain insights into constantly growing stores of data across multiple platforms. But how can you manage what you can’t measure? This infographic, featuring key stats sourced from Forrester’s new report highlights how CIOs at leading enterprises are handling the challenge.