Move the data that moves your business

Attunity Replicate loads your data efficiently across all major database, data warehouse and Hadoop platforms.  Our intuitive user interface, automation and change data capture (CDC) technology accelerate your enterprise journey to real-time analytical insights.

The Challenge

Data Volume, Velocity, and Variety are driving the need for more scale and performance in a data integration solution. Traditional Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) solutions are buckling under the load and no longer meeting typical business requirements. 

  • Traditional data movement tools require manually coded commands that can tie up your best programmers.
  • “Big Data” is difficult to manage and analyze using traditional database software tools. Deriving big value from big data depends on quickly and efficiently loading rapidly changing information into data warehouses.
  • Traditional data warehouses aren’t suited for low-latency data movement. The infrastructures in place at many organizations can’t keep pace with user reporting and analysis needs. As a result, business decisions are delayed because data can’t be integrated and analyzed quickly enough.
  • Production database infrastructures aren’t designed to support analytics. Gathering and storing data, while providing real-time access to information for business intelligence can put a huge strain on performance. As a result, users experience excessive waits for reports and analysis may need to be postponed to times when the system is less taxed.
The Answer

Attunity Replicate makes real-time information availability a reality for organizations with its optimized data integration capabilities. The solution provides high-performance data replication and loading, with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. It automates the end to end replication replication process, and loads data quickly and efficiently. Unlike other products, Attunity Replicate drives the data change utilizing next-generation change data capture (CDC) technology, combined together with intelligent in-memory transaction streaming. These enhancements significantly improve the performance of high-volume data delivery uniquely optimized for database, data warehouse, Hadoop and Cloud targets. Attunity Replicate also now integrates with Apache Kafka APIs to deliver data to HBase, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, and other Big Data platforms.

  • Eliminate the need for manual ETL coding
  • Deliver timely information for BI and decision support
  • Enable operational reporting without impacting production databases
  • Replicate data without the need to install software on source and target databases
  • Realize faster return on investment
Try It for Free

Replicate Express is designed to enable you to try-out our enterprise tool without the need for license. This edition of Replicate has most of the main features of our standard Replicate, but is available without any charge in an easy to download fashion. With Replicate Express you get to actually use all the key features of Replicate (such as CDC, Click-to-Replicate, fast replication, etc.) without the need to obtain a license key. Once you are ready to upgrade to a fully supported version you can do so without the need for reinstallation or recreation of existing tasks. Replicate Express is limited to processing 250,000 records per day and runs one tasks at a given time.

Download Replicate Express

  • Superior User Experience

    Using clearly defined user interface, Attunity Replicate is designed to hide the complexity of data integration and transformation from the user, yet provide a very rich feature set.  Through its innovative and easy to use interface, you can easily define and execute replication tasks with just a few clicks. It is as simple as defining your source and target, then click to Run to replicate! 

    Once you are done designing a task and run it, Replicate will switch over to monitoring console to show you the level of progress. More advanced features are available via drop-downs and context based UI. You will find using Replicate very natural and intuitive. 

    Replicate screen shot 2

  • Detail

    Use Attunity Replicate to load data efficiently and quickly to operational data stores/warehouses.  You can create copies of production databases to enable operational reporting, offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and impact, and facilitate zero-downtime migrations and upgrades.  Attunity Replicate also can be used to distribute data across data centers and locations.

    The Click-2-Replicate design simplifies your user experience by automating the steps required to setup the process.  Our zero-footprint technology means that we minimize the impact on IT operations and require no software to be installed on source or target.  In addition, Attunity Replicate can provide unlimited scalability, providing a single point of control for defining, executing and monitoring data transfer and distribution tasks throughout an organization.  

    Additional key capabilities include the following:

    • Both heterogeneous and homogenous data replication
    • Log-based change data capture technology that greatly improves the performance of high-volume data delivery
    • Highly secured and resilient WAN transfer engine that optimizes transfer speeds when target databases are located off premises or in the cloud
    • Schema and DDL replication
    • Table and column selection
    • Content-based (row-level) filtering
    • Mapping & transformations
    • Reliable delivery & recovery
    • Web-based configuration with click-2-replicate design
    • Web-based monitoring with dashboard, metrics & alerts
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