Data Replication with Attunity Replicate

High-Performance Data Delivery with Quick Time-to-Value, for the Widest Range of Data Sources and Targets

Attunity Replicate is high-performance data replication software that enables organizations to accelerate and reduce the costs of distributing, sharing and ensuring the availability of data for meeting business operations and business intelligence needs.

Download Nucleus Research Report - Attunity Replicate: Solving Data Management Challenges

Using Attunity Replicate, organizations can:

  • Optimize fast, parallel data loading to Big Data Platforms
  • Stage data for efficient ETL processing
  • Create copies of production databases to enable operational reporting
  • Offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and impact
  • Facilitate zero-downtime migrations and upgrades
  • Distribute data across data sources/centers
  • Respond quickly if disaster strikes

Attunity Replicate’s architecture facilitates data replication from many enterprises databases including Oracle, SQL Server and DB2, Big Data platforms including Apache Hadoop, Teradata and Pivotal Greenplum Database, and is designed to deliver quick time-to-value with its:

  • Attunity TurboStream CDC: a next-generation technology, which significantly improves the performance of high-volume data delivery.
  • TurboStream DX (Data Transfer): Innovative, highly secured and resilient WAN transfer engine optimizes transfer speeds when target databases are located off premise or in the cloud.
  • Click-2-Replicate design: simplifying user experience by automating the steps required to build a replication solution with packaged software that is fast to learn and implement.
  • Zero-footprint technology: reducing impact on IT operations with log-based capture and delivery of transaction data that does not require the Attunity software to be installed on each source and target database.
  • Unlimited Scalability, Monitoring and Control: when deployed on top of the Attunity Maestro platform, alleviating the burden of designing and managing complex business processes, by providing a single point of control for defining, executing and monitoring data transfer and distribution tasks throughout an organization.

INTRODUCING: Replicate Express – Free Version of Replicate

Take Attunity Replicate for a spin. Express version of Replicate doesn’t require a license to use. You can try many of the features of Replicate in this version and see for yourself how easy it is to use and manage.

Both versions of Replicate support the same intuitive user interface and can provide real-time changed data processing. See below for more information.

Attunity Replication Console:



Key Capabilities

  • Heterogeneous and Homogeneous data replication
  • High speed replication of full database tables
  • Low latency, transactional replication of database changes
  • Low impact log-based change data capture (CDC)
  • Generation of change tables for ETL processing
  • Schema and DDL replication
  • Tables & column selection and content-based (row-level) filtering
  • Mapping & transformations
  • Reliable delivery & recovery
  • Web-based configuration with click-2-replicate design
  • Web-based monitoring with dashboard, metrics & alerts


Key Benefits

  • Deliver timely information for BI and decision support
  • Enable operational reporting without impacting production databases
  • Replicate data without the need to install software on source and target databases
  • Cost savings and lower cost of ownership
  • Faster return on investment with quick time-to-value


December 2013
Attunity Replicate Named a Trendsetter in DBTA Magazine's List of the Trendsetting Products in Data for 2014


June 2012
Attunity Replicate Named “BEST OF TECH·ED 2012” in the Business Intelligence category by SQL Server Pro Magazine