Attunity MFT (Managed File Transfer)

Attunity Managed File Transfer (MFT) is a security-centric managed file transfer platform that helps organizations govern all aspects of the A2A, Host, User and Ad-Hoc file transfer processes. Attunity MFT incorporates a secure two-tier DMZ architecture, security policy enforcement, guaranteed and accelerated transfers, process automation, and audit across each stage of the file transfer process. With a strong emphasis on security, Attunity MFT solutions include a B2B file exchange gateway, a gateway to Hadoop and Big Data analytics, an internal MFT gateway and Ad-Hoc file exchange.

Attunity MFT Screenshot


Designed to meet the needs of any size organization, Attunity MFT's modular design, intuitive "familiar" interfaces, business application connectors and new managed folders capabilities ensure rapid adoption and usage by end users. For environments with heavy-production transfer automation requirements, Attunity MFT's highly-scalable architecture, reliable operations and extensive API enable seamless integration with enterprise business processes and IT workflows.

Entrusting your file delivery management to Attunity MFT, IT professionals can realize faster access to information, improved operational efficiencies, peace of mind with secure policies in force, and reductions in administrative tasks throughout their internal infrastructure and B2B ecosystems.


Business Benefits

  • Automate and manage application to application transfers: Legacy scripts and human resource intense file transfer processes are difficult and costly to support. Attunity MFT provides a consistent, standards-based means for building, automating, and managing file transfer processes between applications and legacy systems.
  • Simple, secure file transfers: Empower business users and trading partners with an easy to use, yet secure means to send files of any size. Reduce administrative overhead with policy-based Active Directory and Ad-Hoc user provisioning. User friendly interfaces include Web Client, Desktop Client, and a seamless Microsoft Outlook add-in.
  • Tighten security: FTP, email, and other file transfer methods lack essential security and auditing capabilities. Attunity MFT supports diverse encryption protocols, authentication processes and full audit on every transfer action and process.
  • Gateway to Hadoop: enables enterprise organizations to seamlessly integrate massive data collection processes into an already existing file transfer framework in order to leverage inexpensive, commodity hardware, from any data source - internal or external.


Attunity MFT for Hadoop

Attunity MFT for Hadoop enables enterprise organizations seamlessly integrate massive data collection processes into already existing file transfer framework leveraging inexpensive, commodity hardware. That framework already provides the security, scheduling, automation and auditing requirements needed to effectively address enterprise needs for application-driven information collection.

Fully integrated with Attunity’s data integration technology it moves data into and out of Hadoop in batch or real time using universal connectivity to all data, including mainframe, web and business applications, both on-premises and in the cloud.

Attunity MFT for Hadoop screenshot


Key Features:

  • Enterprise connectivity to Hadoop
  • Consolidate file transfer processes under one managed solution
  • User-friendly Web (HTTP/S) and desktop clients
  • Web Services API for seamless integration with enterprise business platforms (ERP, BPM, CRM, etc.)
  • Support for Web HDFS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SSH, HTTP/S, S/MIME, and SMB
  • Auditing and notification
  • Multi-tiered security architecture with DMZ front-end
  • Extensive scheduling, automation, hot directory, and data processing capabilities