Attunity Maestro

Workflow Management Platform, Empowering Users to Compose, Conduct and Monitor Big Data Transfer Processes

Attunity Maestro is an enterprise-class workflow management and automation platform, integrating mission-critical data processes into daily business activity. This highly scalable platform Orchestrates and Automates data transmission and deployment processes of Big Data, applications, and large-file assets throughout global data centers. Maestro is engineered for large and small enterprises alike; delivering speed, simplicity and scalability to virtually any environment or IT processes that requires information availability.  Taking full advantage of Attunity's replication platforms, Maestro Integrates with your existing data transmission and deployment processes.

Orchestrate: Rapidly and easily manage large scale data transmission processes. Coordinate multiple Big Data deployments 
tasks and data processes.

Automate: Control information flow services based on decision points and events based on easy-to-use rules engines. Seamlessly accelerate data transmission across distributed environments.

Integrate: Incorporate existing data transmission and deployment processes. Manages Attunity’s structured and unstructured data distribution and replication products.

Attunity Maestro Center manages Maestro Nodes across the enterprise, allowing control and automation of processes throughout the IT landscape. Utilizing an easy-to-use graphical user interface, Maestro coordinates disparate workflows, thus enabling organizations to easily initiate data movement instructions across various data centers. Attunity Maestro takes advantage of Attunity Large File Accelerator data transfer engine to control geographically dispersed locations with ease. Further, the solution can be seamlessly integrated with Active Directory to facilitate role-based access control.

Using Attunity Maestro, organizations can:

  • Easily create, initiate, monitor and centrally manage data transmission processes
  • Manage data transmission workflow processes with decision engine that automates logical actions
  • Automate tasks utilizing scripts to accelerate data distributions process workflows
  • Gain better compliance by monitoring, recording and reporting replication process tasks and execution

Common Use Cases

  • Data distribution to remote location
  • Data consolidation for central analytics
  • Enterprise-wide content management and sharing
  • Multi-stage content deployment
  • Central monitoring and control