Data Federation with Attunity Federate

Virtual Data Federation for Enterprise Information Integration (EII)

Attunity Federate provides Enterprise Information Integration (EII) across heterogeneous data sources. Using Attunity Federate, companies can create single views of business information (e.g. Single Customer View), simplify access to information in multiple data silos with virtual data models, complement data warehouses with real-time access to operational data stores, and guarantee data integrity with distributed transaction management. With Attunity Federate, you can:

  • Access tables from disparate data sources as if they are part of a single catalog
  • Run distributed queries that span multiple data sources
  • Define single views of enterprise data

Attunity Federate joins heterogeneous data sources to make them available as a virtual data layer. Attunity Federate uses distributed query optimization and processing engines that reside natively on enterprise data servers to provide superior performance, security, and transaction management. Attunity Federate leverages Attunity Connect adapters to access any data source in the enterprise.

Attunity Federate

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time information integration across disparate data source
  • Single virtual catalog across disparate data sources
  • Standard access via SQL and XML
  • Distributed query optimization and processing
  • High performance and availability
  • Robust security and access control
  • Read and write capabilities, with support for transaction management
  • Easy to use

Key Benefits

  • Decouple applications from data sources using a virtual insulation layer
  • Serve users with a 360° single view of enterprise information (e.g. Customer)
  • Provide simplified data models for business users
  • Reduce data redundancy
  • Use real-time operational data
  • Improve business insight by integrating operational and historical (DW) information