CICS Adapter

XML and Service-Oriented Integration with CICS Programs and CICS Queue

Attunity Connect provides application adapters to CICS, allowing applications to interoperate with CICS programs and the CICS Queue using XML interactions. Attunity’s interfaces can be used by applications in any computing environment including .NET, Java/J2EE and legacy 3GL, providing a single solution for universal integration with existing CICS investments.

Attunity Connect provides the following standard adapters for CICS:

  • JCA Resource Adapters for CICS and CICS Queue
  • Microsoft .NET APIs for integrating with CICS and CICS Queue
  • 3GL APIs for integrating with CICS and CICS Queue
  • XML and Web Services Adapter to CICS and CICS Queue

In addition, Attunity provides CICS adapters for EAI Servers, including:

  • CICS and CICS Queue Adapters for Microsoft BizTalk
  • CICS and CICS Queue Adapter for Oracle SOA Suite (BPEL PM, ESB)

Attunity Connect for CICS

Key Features and Benefits

  • Simplify and accelerate integration with CICS
  • Reduce risk and complexity of CICS integration
  • XML and Service-Oriented integration to CICS programs
  • XML and Event-driven integration to the CICS Queue
  • Uses metadata to define adapters with multiple interactions
  • Import metadata from COBOL copybooks
  • Global transaction support
  • Native security, supporting RACF, ACF2, TopSecret
  • Ease of use – no coding required. Wizard-based configuration