Change Data Capture (CDC) for DB2 LUW

Attunity CDC (formerly Attunity Stream) for DB2 LUW provides log-based change data capture (CDC) for DB2 databases running on Linux, UNIX, or Windows (LUW) servers and delivers those changes to enterprise applications in batch or real-time, allowing low-latency and efficient data integration. Attunity CDC for DB2 LUW can be used with ETL, Data Integration, EAI, or home-grown applications to:

  • Extract and source DB2 data efficiently and in real-time
  • Eliminate batch windows required to move DB2 data
  • Support real-time data warehouses and data marts
  • Synchronize DB2 with other data sources
  • Enable event-driven and stream-based processing

Attunity Stream for DB2 LUW

Key Capabilities

  • Non Invasive change data capture
  • Support for many data sources on many platforms
  • Change record filtering
  • SQL-based change delivery for ETL and data-oriented applications
  • XML-based change delivery for EAI and message-oriented applications
  • Simple installation and fast configuration using wizard-based GUI
  • Reliable delivery and recovery
  • Ease of use – no coding required. Wizard-based configuration

DB2 LUW-Specific CDC Capabilities

  • Use DB2 Journals for non-invasive change data capture
  • Does not require installation on the database machine.
  • Support transaction savepoints