Attunity Products Overview

Attunity solutions meet the wide range of information availability needs that enterprises face today. 

Attunity Replicate

High-Performance Data Replication with Quick Time-to-Value

Attunity Replicate is a powerfully simple, high-performance data replication solution that enables enterprises to accelerate and reduce the costs of moving data. 

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Attunity Maestro

Information Flow Management Platform, Empowering Users to Compose, Conduct and Monitor Big Data Transfer Processes

Attunity Maestro is an enterprise-class information flow management and automation platform, integrating mission-critical data processes into daily business activity.

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Attunity CloudBeam

A Better Way to Move Data To, From, and Between Cloud Environments

Attunity CloudBeam, a SaaS offering, provides high performance, accelerated file transfer to cloud storage such as AWS S3, accelerated replication between cloud storage environments and replication between regions.

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Attunity Compose

End-to-End Data Warehouse Automation

Attunity Compose automatically designs, generates and populates enterprise data warehouses and data marts, adding data modeling and structuring capabilities inside the data warehouse. This unique technology is designed to provide fast, flexible delivery of information for Big Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) projects.

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Attunity Gold Client

Powerful and Flexible Data Management for SAP

Attunity Gold Client is comprehensive data replication and management software, relieving the costly drain of resources, storage and time that is required to manage, support and secure data across SAP environments.

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Attunity Connect

Direct, Standards-Based Connectivity to Enterprise Data

Attunity Connect provides out-of-the-box connectivity to a wide range of relational and non-relational data sources, enabling enterprises to gain pervasive access to information in existing mission-critical business systems.

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Attunity RepliWeb for ARA

Application Release Automation

Attunity RepliWeb for ARA is an application release automation and web content deployment solution for Windows, UNIX and Linux application and web infrastructures. Used by IT operations, application development, and content/marketing teams alike, Attunity RepliWeb manages and simplifies the deployment of applications and digital content across on-premise and cloud-based IT infrastructures. 

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Attunity RepliWeb EFR

Enterprise File Replication

A highly scalable heterogeneous file replication and synchronization software, optimized for wide area network (WAN) infrastructures. Engineered for organizations with distributed (global/regional/local) operations or large file systems, Attunity RepliWeb EFR is the highly reliable, fast way to replicate, mirror, backup or migrate unstructured data.

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Attunity MFT

Managed File Transfer

Allows organizations to secure, automate and accelerate file transfers over standard internet connections, and throughout business-critical business applications and systems. Engineered for the needs of user, application machine based transfers, Attunity MFT (formerly RepliWeb R-MFT) delivers security policy enforcement, auditing, inspection policies, routing, and accelerated transfers of large-file payloads.

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