Attunity Confirms Commitment to HP with Industry's Widest Support for Real-time Integration Technologies


Burlington, MA, June 16, 2008 – Attunity, Ltd. (OTCBB: ATTUF.OB), a leading provider of enterprise-class software for real-time, composite-data and application integration, announced today support of the latest release of its world-class Attunity Integration Suite (AIS v5.1), across the full range of HP servers, from Windows to Unix, and from OpenVMS to HP NonStop, providing the most comprehensive choice for HP customers, as well as an easy upgrade path for customers as they move towards Itanium.

AIS version 5.1, which consists of the three main product components of Attunity Connect, Attunity Federate and Attunity Stream, is now available for HP users on Windows, Unix (HP-UX), OpenVMS and NonStop (Tandem). Furthermore, full support for the relevant products is now available for HP’s Itanium chip-set, providing HP users an easy upgrade path as they begin to migrate their applications and data.

For HP NonStop users, this means that Attunity’s change-data-capture product, Attunity Stream, is now available for both Enscribe and SQL/MP, allowing fast, efficient detection and transfer of critical business events as well as low-latency streaming of changed data for reporting and data warehouse projects.

For OpenVMS and Unix users, this means simplified, unified and federated access to any of your data sources, whether Oracle, Rdb, RMS, Adabas or a combination of all of them.

Finally for Windows customers, Attunity now provides even more flexibility with support for all standard data sources as well as wizard-driven, tight integration with Microsoft’s SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

Using Attunity, customers can gain access to their data on HP Integrity systems as well as integrate that same data with other sources. The combination enables customers to drive down overall enterprise computing costs and open up new opportunities to leverage their corporate information assets.

“Attunity’s support for HP servers is unrivalled in the industry,” said Andy Bailey, vice president of worldwide marketing, Attunity. “Our world-class software solutions are helping our mutual customers fully capitalize on the data and application assets residing on their HP servers. By using a combination of our software and HP hardware, they are now deploying a new breed of service-oriented, real-time, often event-driven business applications, securely, cost-effectively and probably most importantly extremely quickly.”

“The combination of the Attunity Integration Suite and our new Integrity servers is designed to meet customer demand for application flexibility,” said Don Jenkins, vice president of marketing, Business Critical Servers, HP. “Together, Attunity and HP provide customers with a flexible, secure and simplified strategic integration platform for their data migration and business intelligence needs.”


The Attunity Integration Suite (AIS) consists of three key product lines:

Attunity Connect: standards-based adapters and connectors for real-time access to relational and non-relational data sources, and legacy applications. From Adabase to Oracle and SQL Server, and from Rdb and RMS to SQL/MP and Enscribe, Attunity Connect provides easy access via SQL or XML to nearly any data source on any platform

Attunity Federate: provides Enterprise Information Integration (EII) and transaction control (via 2-phase commit) across heterogeneous data sources. Using Attunity Federate, companies can create single views of business information (e.g. Single Customer View), simplify access from multiple data silos, complement data warehouses with real-time access to operational data stores, and guarantee data integrity with distributed transaction management.

Attunity Stream: captures, filters and streams and transfers changes made to enterprise data sources. A key-enabler for many types of real-time and event-driven applications, Attunity Stream can be used with ETL, Data Integration, EAI, and other infrastructure to efficiently identify data-driven business events, build and maintain data warehouses, and synchronize different data sources.

About Attunity

Attunity has delivered sophisticated data and application integration solutions for nearly 20 years and today is also at the forefront of the Composite Applications market focused on the business workplace, with its flagship product Attunity InFocus. With Attunity InFocus, organizations can develop sophisticated, workplace-focused applications, based on information from anywhere, that help business managers at all levels assess, detect and resolve those business issues that can most impact their business.

With successful deployments of its software products at thousands of organizations worldwide, Attunity provides enterprise-class software directly and indirectly through a number of strategic and OEM agreements with global-class partners such as HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Business Objects and Cognos.

Headquartered in Boston, Attunity serves its customers via offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific and through a network of local partners. For more information, please visit us at