Hadoop and the Modern Data Supply Chain

There is more Big Data available today than ever before. When data is combined from various sources enterprise-wide, it can provide a more accurate, more complete picture of the business than what was possible in the past. The data supply chain describes a new reality in which businesses find themselves coordinating multiple data sources, including Hadoop, rather than using a single data warehouse. With the right tools, companies can unleash the full power of Hadoop and other technologies to make more informed and timely decisions. This whitepaper highlights how the right solution can enable companies to develop a fully-operational data supply chain that offers a 360° view of the business by integrating otherwise siloed data stores.

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Modern Data Architecture with Apache Hadoop

Automating Data Transfer with Attunity Replicate

Big Data has changed the way that we use and manage data. We now have more data than we've ever had before in higher velocities from more sources across the organization. Enterprises can't afford to miss business opportunities due to time spent “data wrangling” in order to mine their data for useful nuggets. Read this whitepaper to learn about a solution that Attunity and Hortonworks offer to alleviate those challenges. Enterprises are leveraging the joint solution today to dramatically improve the flow and accessibility of Big Data to achieve faster time-to-value and competitive advantage.

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Application Release Automation: DevOps Best Practices

A natural tension exists between Development and Operations. Development is tasked with shipping more code more often, while Operations is tasked with maintaining service levels.

When that tension isn’t managed properly, IT performance suffers, as does business performance and profitability.

In this Attunity Maestro white paper, we explain how these challenges can be addressed through three best practices that have been found to improve both the application release management process and organizational performance.

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Big Data - Out of the Stone Age With Attunity

Is Your Big Data Stuck in the Stone Age?

Is the experience of moving and integrating your data to and from Hadoop ripe with continuous challenges? Then you’ll appreciate this funny and adventurous comic set in the monolithic age when wooly mammoths roamed the earth. Download it and read about the adventures of Og the caveman and his quest to gain information on caribou migration. His fast-paced journey makes saber-toothed tigers seem tame, but he prevails in the end with his discovery of an exciting new data movement technology that makes data loading across Hadoop fast and easy.

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How to Make an ODS the Center of Your Data Strategy

Implementing an ODS to support reporting and analytics isn’t simply a technical decision. IT leaders must sell the idea internally and make sure that key stakeholders are onboard with the plan. 

Download this Attunity whitepaper today to learn about:

  • How to get stakeholder buy-in across the enterprise
  • Best practices in implementing an ODS to deliver measurable benefits to organization.
  • How to use solutions, such as Attunity Replicate, to quickly create the ODS to gain greater competitive advantage. 

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eBook: Move It Don't Lose It - Is your Big Data Collecting Dust?

This exciting new eBook highlights the importance of ensuring your data is timely and how to go about it smartly. It also includes interesting market statistics on Big Data use today, addresses the challenges of moving Big Data quickly and easily and closes with proven success stories of companies that have overcome data transfer hurdles!

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Releasing the Value Within the Industrial Internet of Things

The market associated with the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is poised for tremendous growth. General Electric has predicted that the Industrial Internet could increase global GDP by $10 trillion to $15 trillion over the next 20 years. So it's no wonder why the IIoT is top of mind for industry leaders - it is literally revolutionizing the way business is done. Valuable data from devices can be transmitted to the internet in real-time to support better decision-making and greater collaboration. Likewise, organizations that use insights derived from the Industrial Internet of Things will have greater competitive advantage over other companies in their market segment.
Download this exciting whitepaper now to gain a better understanding about the importance of IIoT technology, the infrastructure needed to support IIoT, and how leading companies today are leveraging its value.

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Attunity 'Click-2-Load' solution for Pivotal Greenplum - Enabling Big Data Analytics With High-Performance Data Loading

Today, most successful companies require Big Data analytics to gain competitive advantage. However, the efficient and timely movement of Big Data continues to be a major challenge. Fortunately, there is now a new solution available that eliminates the data transfer bottleneck, enabling businesses to capitalize on analytics to better support decision-making. Read this whitepaper to learn about the inherent challenges associated with enabling Big Data analytics and the new technologies that deliver fast and efficient data loading to Pivotal Greenplum®.

This whitepaper also explores:

  • Barriers to Big Data analytics
  • Deploying low-latency data offloading
  • Advantages of high-performance data loading
  • And much more!

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Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for Teradata - Accelerating Data Warehousing with High-Performance Data Loading

Information storage and management are only one part of the data analytics story. Enterprises must also have a way to load diverse data sources into data warehouses like Teradata rapidly and easily. However, challenges come from everywhere: more data sources, growing data volumes, dynamically changing business requirements and user demands for fresher data. This whitepaper explores how Attunity's ‘Click-2-Load’ Solution for Teradata overcomes these challenges to provide high-performance, end-to-end data loading with fast time-to-value. Leveraging its inherent change data capture (CDC) technology, Attunity ‘Click-2-Load’ Solution for Teradata is able to make the data loading process highly efficient and increases the power of data analytics by making the most up-to-date, accurate version of the data available. Read this whitepaper to learn more!

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eBook: Big Data Analytics Strategies - Beating the Data Transfer Bottleneck for Competitive Gain

By: Data Management Expert David Loshin

Big Data holds big promise. Coupled with analytics, it is the wave of the future and can provide significant competitive advantage for companies.

However, Big Data is not without its challenges. In this ebook, we systematically examine the state of the big data market to understand some of the real issues regarding information availability. We will also help the reader properly anticipate the data accessibility, delivery, and utilization hurdles that tend to plague those who are unprepared to support the imminent kickoff of big data analytics projects.Lastly, the ebook concludes with best practices and sound solutions to beat the Big Data transfer bottleneck and come out on top of the competition.

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