Attunity Integration Suite White Paper

The Attunity Integration Suite (AIS) dramatically simplifies the access and integration to enterprise information systems, including data sources and legacy applications on platforms ranging from Windows to the Mainframe. The Attunity Integration Suite helps companies to:

  • Access information in non-relational, legacy data sources
  • Integrate with legacy applications
  • Access a single view of information from multiple disparate sources
  • Move data efficiently and in real-time, in light of the growth in data volumes

The Attunity Integration Suite allows organizations to have a foundation for rapid and standard integration, reduce the risks of legacy integration, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by using on a single cross-platform architecture that allows existing systems to be reused in many different initiatives.

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The Changing World of Data Warehousing - Data Integration’s Central Role in Transforming Information into an Enterprise Asset

Data warehouses that support analytics-based decision-making have traditionally been an essential component of an enterpise organization's management structure. Today, data integration is sharing that spotlight. Companies are demanding its adoption to enable more actionable insight more quickly and easily. In this whitepaper, you'll learn about:

  • New trends driving demand for real-time data warehousing
  • Why conventional data warehouses are buckling under the weight of Big Data
  • What you can do to protect your datacenter from growing data volumes
  • How to manage user demands for real-time information
  • How to easily & quickly uncover more insight from analytics & reporting
  • The role of data integration in successful business decision-making

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HP NonStop Transactional Data: An Important Ingredient for Big Data Success

by Richard Buckle

Today, companies running mission-critical applications on HP NonStop systems understand that providing real-time data to users is critical. To maintain a competitive edge, businesses require that data be accessible and available for analysis from disparate sources, departments and regions of the world to support Big Data analytics. Simply put, Big Data analytics enable business leaders to make decisions based on fact instead of gut checks.

Download this whitepaper to learn more about the promise of Big Data as well as the technologies currently available to put existing NonStop systems to work within a heterogeneous Big Data initiative. Start delivering real-time business insights today!

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HP NonStop Transactional Data: Critical for Meaningful Big Data

An Editorial by Richard K. Buckle.

In the age of Big Data, the way that data is captured, stored and analyzed has forever changed. It's increasingly important for businesses to understand this ever-changing marketplace and unveil what the promise of Big Data means for them. To be truly competitive, companies need to find ways to enable ongoing analytics of data originating from all of its touch-points including from sales, customers, prospects and employees - collected from mobile devices, web logs, sensors and other sources - to predict and influence buyer behavior and drive competitive edge. Against this backdrop, it’s easy to see how businesses are struggling to manage the data volumes and velocities as they increase rapidly and exponentially. Connecting the dots between Big Data and multiple other data sources would normally rule out systems like HP NonStop. However, with Attunity, that line is no longer dotted. Download this paper now to learn how NonStop users can leverage Attunity Replicate to deliver meaningful Big Data analytics for financial and competitive gain.

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Data Delivery Strategies: Best Practices for Optimal Business Competitiveness

Today, driven by the promise of Big Data and an ever faster-paced business environment, organizations are seeking faster and more efficient ways to improve corporate insight, agility, and competitiveness.

To gain insight into business operations, organizations require data to support analytics and business intelligence (BI). In addition, information systems need consistent data so decisions are made based on “a single version of the truth.” Data must be delivered between systems and stakeholders in organizations, but it also must be shared across enterprise boundaries. To solve these challenges, many different data delivery alternatives exist. However, an ideal data delivery solution has six key characteristics:

1. High Performance
2. Fully Automated
3. Easy to Use
4. Low Maintenance
5. Enterprise Ready
6. Responsive Service

Download this whitepaper to find out what factors are driving the need for data delivery, what the key characteristics entail, and how you too can gain competitive advantage using a strong data delivery solution.

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eBook: Big Data Analytics Strategies - Beating the Data Transfer Bottleneck for Competitive Gain

By: Data Management Expert David Loshin

Big Data holds big promise. Coupled with analytics, it is the wave of the future and can provide significant competitive advantage for companies.

However, Big Data is not without its challenges. In this ebook, we systematically examine the state of the big data market to understand some of the real issues regarding information availability. We will also help the reader properly anticipate the data accessibility, delivery, and utilization hurdles that tend to plague those who are unprepared to support the imminent kickoff of big data analytics projects.Lastly, the ebook concludes with best practices and sound solutions to beat the Big Data transfer bottleneck and come out on top of the competition.

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Attunity 'Click-2-Load' Solution for Teradata - Accelerating Data Warehousing with High-Performance Data Loading

Information storage and management are only one part of the data analytics story. Enterprises must also have a way to load diverse data sources into data warehouses like Teradata rapidly and easily. However, challenges come from everywhere: more data sources, growing data volumes, dynamically changing business requirements and user demands for fresher data. This whitepaper explores how Attunity's ‘Click-2-Load’ Solution for Teradata overcomes these challenges to provide high-performance, end-to-end data loading with fast time-to-value. Leveraging its inherent change data capture (CDC) technology, Attunity ‘Click-2-Load’ Solution for Teradata is able to make the data loading process highly efficient and increases the power of data analytics by making the most up-to-date, accurate version of the data available. Read this whitepaper to learn more!

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Gaining Faster Business Insights in the Insurance Industry Using Real-time Data

Insurance companies are striving to make better, faster decisions than their competitors. More data is available than ever before; however, many business managers are not confident about their BI & analytics because the underlying data is outdated. Learn how to avoid this risk!

  • In this new white paper, you'll get the latest best practices about how to effectively tackle this important data challenge, including:
  • Why real-time data is critical to today's insurance companies
  • Best practices to enabling real-time data for BI & analytics
  • How real-time data helps businesses combat fraud
  • Why look to a new approach using change data capture (CDC) and data replication technology
  • And a lot more!

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Attunity 'Click-2-Load' solution for Pivotal Greenplum - Enabling Big Data Analytics With High-Performance Data Loading

Today, most successful companies require Big Data analytics to gain competitive advantage. However, the efficient and timely movement of Big Data continues to be a major challenge. Fortunately, there is now a new solution available that eliminates the data transfer bottleneck, enabling businesses to capitalize on analytics to better support decision-making. Read this whitepaper to learn about the inherent challenges associated with enabling Big Data analytics and the new technologies that deliver fast and efficient data loading to Pivotal Greenplum®.

This whitepaper also explores:

  • Barriers to Big Data analytics
  • Deploying low-latency data offloading
  • Advantages of high-performance data loading
  • And much more!

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Application Release Automation - Eliminating Manual Processes & Increasing Speed to Market

Application release automation (ARA) solutions are a proven way to support Agile development, accelerate release cycles, and standardize deployment processes across all tiers of the application and content lifecycles. ARA solutions can be used to support a wide variety of activities ranging from publishing and modifying web site content to deploying web-based tools, distributing software to business end users, and moving code between Development, Test, and Production environments.

Read this whitepaper to learn how Attunity RepliWeb's deployment automation platform, a highly-effective ARA tool, supports all of these initiatives. You'll also gain actionable insights by reading about specific organizations around the world that use Attunity RepliWeb successfully to solve a variety of deployment challenges on Windows, Team Foundation Server, and UNIX.

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