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Webinar Replay: Hot? Warm? Cold?

Which Data Should You Move to Hadoop?

Today’s enterprises are challenged with capturing large amounts of data from a number of sources in a variety of formats, and then storing it in a cost-effective, timely manner in their data warehouse, the cloud and Hadoop. But how do you know that you’re moving the right data to the right place? Which data is hot and which is not? MapR Logo

Join experts from MapR and Attunity for a live webinar and learn how to:

  • Take your data’s temperature to determine what is cold, what is warm and what is hot
  • Rebalance your data warehouse to identify less-frequently accessed data and resource-intensive workloads that can be moved to Hadoop
  • Seamlessly integrate your current enterprise data warehouse with a Modern Data Architecture
  • Develop a roadmap for implementing Data Lake that includes operational and analytical data sets
  • Use tools like Apache Drill to perform secure, concurrent, low latency SQL analytics on big data
  • Better utilize data assets to reduce costs while realizing more value from your data

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From Trunk to Tail

Best Practices for Incorporating Hadoop into Your Enterprise IT Environment

Making better and faster decisions is a common goal for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage. However, the more expensive and difficult it is to manage growing data volumes and enable real-time data delivery, the more challenging it is to ensure that your data can provide value.

In this webinar, we discuss the Trunk-to-Tail (end-to-end) methods for solving these challenges by incorporating Hadoop and Attunity technology into your existing IT environment. Specifically, we focus on helping companies streamline the process of understanding data usage, as well as moving and analyzing data and files. Once you can better understand which data or files can/should be moved, where, and how, you can create an integrated model that helps the business improve its processes, reduce risk, and add value to the bottom line.

Watch the replay and learn best practices for:

  • Building a modern data architecture
  • Gaining better visibility of data usage analytics
  • Rebalancing, moving, and modeling data/files for databases, data warehouses, and Hadoop
  • Making the best use of scarce storage and resources
  • Improving the performance of your EDW

We have also included a product demo of Attunity solutions to highlight how to optimize your IT environment with Hadoop.

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Modernizing the Data Warehouse with Hadoop

Is your existing data warehouse at or near capacity?

Is the business constantly demanding more data but you cannot justify investments easily?

Watch this webinar to learn how Attunity Visibility saved one enterprise $3 million by optimizing the data warehouse with Hadoop.  

 During this session, Attunity product directors demonstrate how you can:


  • Assess data usage and workloads to develop a roadmap to deliver the right data and workloads to the right platform
  • Optimize multiple data delivery platforms with an integrated dashboard to diagnose and assess performance bottlenecks
  • Measure and audit the utilization of applications and data by business lines to justify costs

Just 30 minutes of your time could save you $3 million!

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Automating Your Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) for Faster Big Data Analytics with Bill Inmon

Today’s typical organization has a ton of data located throughout the enterprise. The challenge is to be able to integrate and model the data quickly enough to meet the needs of your business. With so many different ‘sources of the truth’, how can companies today streamline their efforts to create a master copy of their data more efficiently? 

Join Attunity and Bill Inmon, the Father of Data Warehousing and Founder of Forest Rim Technology, to better understand how your organization can automate and accelerate data warehousing to enable a higher-performing data warehouse environment. Glean more timely and accurate Big Data analytics today!

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Optimizing the Modern Data Warehouse - with Hortonworks, Attunity and RCG

Today’s enterprises are challenged with capturing large amounts of data from a number of sources in a variety of formats, and then storing it in a cost-effective, timely manner. With your current data warehouse, this may seem overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. With a Hadoop-based modern data warehouse, you can overcome these challenges and get meaningful insights from real-time data.

Want to learn how?

Join experts from Attunity, Hortonworks, and RCG Global Services for a live webinar - where we will be discussing enterprise data warehouse optimization.

You will learn how to:

  • Rebalance your data warehouse by identifying unused data and resource-intensive workloads that can be moved to Hadoop
  • Seamlessly integrate your current enterprise data warehouse with a Modern Data Architecture
  • Better utilize data assets to reduce costs while realizing more value from your data
  • Develop a roadmap for implementing the Hadoop-based Modern Data Architecture and Data Lake

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Enrich the Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) with More Data in Less Time

Co-hosted with Cloudera

Big Data has changed the way that we use and manage data. With more data than ever before in higher velocities from more sources across the organisation, enterprises simply can’t afford to miss business opportunities due to time spent “data wrangling” for useful nuggets in their data.

Many enterprises have outgrown the traditional Operational Data Store (ODS) and instead are looking for a new way forward.

Watch this webinar featuring Ted Orme, Technical and Business Alliance Director EMEA at Attunity and Chris Darvill, Director Sales Engineering EMEA at Cloudera and learn:

  • Why the traditional ODS should be modernised.
  • How to move real-time heterogeneous data from legacy systems.
  • The value of bringing together all data in a Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub. 

This webinar also includes a live demo of Attunity Replicate, high-performance data integration software, the ideal Big Data solution for optimising and moving data in and out of Hadoop with speed and ease.

Enable your business with more data in less time! 

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How to Keep Test Data Current Across your SAP Landscape

In Partnership with Proceed Group 

Testing on relevant, production-quality data is the only way to ensure comprehensive and efficient testing. However, data in DEV is often too stale to use for unit testing, resulting in changes promoted to QA with little or no testing. Waiting for the next refresh is not an option, and trying to manually create data is not only time consuming, but complex data is difficult to accurately recreate.

In this webinar with the Proceed Group, Attunity's Adrian Bromell and Adam Gilbey will demonstrate how you can quickly provide and maintain relevant, up-to-date data for testing with Attunity Gold Client Solutions. 

Watch this webinar and you'll learn how to:

  • Dramatically reduce the time and effort to acquire test data
  • Reduce development and bug-fix cycles by providing current data in DEV
  • Provide relevant data for testing of new functional implementations, new processes, rollouts, enhancement package upgrades or support packs

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Naviguer d'un ODS vers un Data Lake

Ce wébinaire comprend des scénarios d'utilisation et mises en œuvre client réels.

Les données sont l'une des ressources les plus précieuses d'une organisation. Elles permettent à l'informatique décisionnelle et à l'analyse du Big Data de mener à de meilleures décisions et à des opérations plus efficaces.

Mais comment des entreprises telles que la vôtre peuvent-elles surmonter les défis créés par des volumes de données sans cesse croissants ?

Ces obstacles ont amené de nombreuses organisations à construire des couches ODS (Operational Data Store) temps réel pour alimenter de manière transparente le Data Lake sur Hadoop. L'astuce consiste à mettre en place le processus et à fournir les données essentielles aux différentes unités opérationnelles de manière simple, abordable et au moment opportun.

Dans ce wébinaire, nous vous aidons à mieux comprendre l'avantage concurrentiel d'un ODS et nous vous montrons comment développer un Data Lake pour répondre aux nouveaux besoins de l'entreprise.

Rejoignez Nicolas Baret, Ingénieur Avant-Vente Senior d'Attunity qui aide les organisations à gérer et à obtenir des informations sur leurs données. 

Regarder ce wébinaire et découvrez :

  • La valeur d'un ODS et son intérêt pour votre organisation
  • Des scénarios d'utilisation et des implémentations client réels 
    • Assurance - Rassembler les données temps réel pour une vue du client à 360 degrés
    • Banques – Innovation en matière de risques et de conformité 
  • Le rôle de la réplication et du chargement de données à hautes performances dans la mise en œuvre efficace d'un ODS/Data Lake
  • À qui appartiennent les données du Data Lake

Une session de questions/réponses est prévue et nous réaliserons une démonstration produit d'Attunity Replicate, logiciel de réplication et de chargement de données à hautes performances, très simple à utiliser. Il s’agit d’une solution idéale pour un chargement de données rapide, facile et abordable,à partir d'un ou de plusieurs systèmes de production vers un ODS ou un Data Lake.

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Navigate from an ODS to the Data Lake

Featuring real customer use cases and implementations

Data is one of the most valuable assets of an organisation, enabling BI and Big Data analytics that lead to better decisions and more efficient operations.

But how can companies like yours overcome common challenges created by continually growing data volumes?

Such hurdles have triggered the need for many organisations to build real time ODS layers to seamlessly feed the Data Lake on Hadoop. The trick is getting the process off the ground and delivering essential data to different business units across the enterprise in an easy, affordable and timely manner.

In this webinar, we help you better understand how an ODS can give your organisation the competitive edge and grow a Data Lake to meet the new needs of the business.

Join Ted Orme, EMEA Technical and Business Alliance Director at Attunity who helps organisations manage and gain insight into their data. 

Watch this webinar and you will learn:

  • The value of an ODS and why it may be right for your organisation
  • Real customer use cases and implementations 
    • Insurance – blending real time data for a 360 degree view of the customer
    • Banking – risk and compliance leading innovation 
  • The role of high-performance data replication and loading in a successful ODS/Data Lake implementation
  • Who owns the Data in the Data Lake

This webinar includes a Q&A and a live product demonstration of Attunity Replicate, high-performance and easy-to-use data replication and loading software. The solution is ideal for enabling quick, easy and affordable data loading from one or many production systems to an ODS or Data Lake.  

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Innovate SAP Data Management for Fast Business Success

Realise fast and flexible SAP data management

A requirement for enterprise success, businesses must ensure that accurate data is available for development, testing, analysis and training, while still protecting sensitive information. However, efficiently creating and updating non-production systems with good, reliable and secure data is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome in an SAP environment. 

Watch this webinar and learn about a leading, innovative technology, Attunity Gold Client Solutions, that provides the most comprehensive and robust methods for managing data throughout your SAP landscape. 

Watch and learn how to: 

  • Provide relevant, secure and accurate data for development, testing and training 
  • Create smaller, fully-functional environments containing relevant, accurate business data 
  • Decrease the data footprint of non-production systems 
  • Automatically create and reset secure test data 
  • Deploy rapid HANA migrations and Proof of Concepts.

Discover how the entire SAP team will benefit from efficient and effective data management.

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