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Harnessing Big Data from the ‘Industrial Internet of Things’

The market associated with the Industrial Internet of Things is poised for tremendous growth - in fact, General Electric believes that the IIoT has the potential to increase global GDP to $15 trillion over the next 20 years, thanks to gains in productivity.

In this webinar, featuring guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc.’s Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst for enterprise architecture, and Attunity’s VP of Marketing, Lawrence Schwartz, you will learn how organizations today can leverage this technology revolution to improve their business and make better, more informed decisions.

Webinar topics include:

  •  Industrial Internet of Things future outlook
  • How the movement is revolutionizing business
  • Overcoming the Big Data transfer bottleneck
  • How to provision IIoT Big Data faster and easier
  • Best practices for including IIoT data in analytics to support better decision-making and greater collaboration 

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Data Loading to the Amazon Cloud for Faster Business Insights

Data Loading to the Amazon Cloud for Faster Business InsightsIn order to take full advantage of AWS cloud storage, including S3, RDS, and Redshift, as well as benefit from the promise of Big Data analytics, companies must first successfully load data from on-premises sources or move data between AWS regions. This can often be a challenging feat that involves a lot of complex and time-consuming scripting, data transfer, and inaccurate loading.

In this webinar, presented by Chris Hayman, Data Architect at AWS, and Brad Helicher, Attunity's Director of Cloud Business, we will review the benefits and features of the various AWS repositories available, the common challenges of data loading to these repositories, and introduce Attunity CloudBeam as a best practices solution for overcoming the common, but often back-breaking data transfer bottleneck.

You’ll also learn about:

  • Common data transfer pitfalls to avoid
  • Simplifying and accelerating data loading for Big Data Analytics
  • Best practices for maximizing the value of Amazon S3, RDS and Redshift

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Accelerating the Data Movement to Teradata UDA

Big Data Solutions for Teradata’s Unified Data Architecture (UDA)To stay competitive, organizations have to raise the bar on gaining faster, easier data access and better information analysis. Accelerated data loading is a critical enabler for Big Data analytics and more accurate decision making. Teradata’s UDA gives customers the flexibility to support a wider range of Big Data analytic needs across an integrated and unified platform that can reduce total cost of ownership and significantly increase the value derived from Big Data projects.

In this webinar, you'll learn how Attunity’s high-performance data loading solution, which supports all three platforms in Teradata’s UDA ─ the Teradata Data Warehouse, Teradata Aster, and Hadoop ─ can help you load data quickly and easily for faster, more informed business insights!

Attend and learn about:

  • Integrating large data volumes, disparate data sources and types\
  • New CDC technologies and real-time data loading
  • ELT vs ETL
  • Why traditional data loading processes can add time & $$ to your project
  • And much more!

Lastly, we’ll show you an easy-to-use, high-performance data integration solution with Click-2-Load design that accelerates data movement to enable Big Data analytics and business decision making.

Jeff Cole, Attunity's Senior Software Engineer, will discuss and demonstrate the Attunity Click-2-Load for Teradata software solution.

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Introducing Attunity Replicate 3.0 - Going Farther & Wider with Data Replication & Loading

Check out our next-generation data delivery solution!

Introducing Attunity Replicate 3.0 - Going Farther & Wider with Data Replication & Loading This high-performance data replication and loading solution features easy, Click-2-Replicate design and targeted optimizations for the broadest range of databases and data warehouses in the industry. Attunity Replicate enables Big Data insights in real-time across globally distributed operations. Join this informative webinar to learn more about Attunity Replicate 3.0 as well as:

  • How to eliminate data transfer bottlenecks when loading Big Data
  • Easy and fast Big Data movement over LAN and WAN for BI/analytics, Disaster Recovery, Content Distribution and more
  • Unique advantages of high-performance loads and CDC for real-time data capture
  • Interesting case studies - featuring Attunity customers Kongsberg and Domain Holdings
  • And a lot more

Richard Thomas, Attunity's Director of Technical Services, will present the session while Doug Wheaton, Attunity Senior Software Engineer, will provide a live demonstration of Attunity Replicate 3.0 delivering data from Oracle to SQL Server.

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Customer Success Story – Delivering Data for BI (Featuring SMART Modular Technologies)

Learn How SMART Modular uses fast & easy data replication to enable real-time BI

In this webinar, Roland Sutherland, Information Systems Manager at SMART Modular Technologies, shares how his company uses Attunity Replicate to offload data quickly and easily from their SAP ERP and manufacturing site systems into their SQL Server BI repository to support real-time reporting and dashboards.

SMART Modular Technologies’ initiative has resulted in better, more accurate decision making, helping it improve delivery of next-generation memory products and ultimately, its competitive edge. Learn how you can achieve similar success!

View this session and learn about:

  • Simplifying data delivery for self-service BI
  • Delivering real-time data for live reporting
  • Offloading queries to reduce impact on production systems
  • Click-2-Replicate software with innovative automation and optimization technologies
  • Much more!

This webinar is co-presented by Ted Orme, Director of Business Development, Attunity, and Attunity’s Ian Archibald, PreSales Director, EMEA, who gives a live product demonstration of Attunity Replicate, a simple, Click-2-Load solution for moving data including Oracle, SQL Server,  DB2 and more.

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Click-2-Load for Teradata - The Fast & Easy Way to Load Your Data

Are you unhappy with your current method of data loading to Teradata? Are you tired of the additional time, extra development resources required and skyrocketing costs?

There is a better way.

New automation and optimization technologies can dramatically reduce the time and cost of loading data to Teradata, driving the value of your Active Data Warehouse to optimize initiatives like reporting, BI and analytics, and more.

In this webinar, we review a new and exciting approach to data loading. This improved alternative combines in-memory data streaming and platform-optimized CDC to enhance your data loading performance significantly.

View it and learn about:

  • Overcoming the data transfer bottleneck to easily meet SLAs
  • Integrating large data volumes, disparate data sources and types
  • New CDC technologies and real-time data loading
  • Why ETL can sometimes be overkill
  • Best practices for quickly improving large-scale and predictive analytics

Lastly, we introduce you to an easy-to-use, high-performance data integration solution with Click-2-Load design that accelerates data movement to enable predictive analytics and business decision making.

Jeff Cole, Attunity's Senior Software Engineer, demonstrates the Attunity Replicate for Teradata software solution.

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HP NonStop Data - Critical to Big Data Success

Featuring Richard K. Buckle, Pyalla Technologies

This webinar, presented by HP NonStop pundit Richard Buckle, discusses the rise of cloud computing, mobility and other IT trends, and explains how they combine with Big Data to affect how businesses work today. Specifically, Mr. Buckle elevates the need for incorporating HP NonStop data with other enterprise data sources to paint a complete picture of a business' health and identify key revenue opportunities.

In addition, the presentation identifies how to leverage Big Data replication tools to ensure that all executives have access to the same timely information, allowing for more consistent conclusions and better business success. Lastly, Richard Thomas, Attunity's Director of Technical Services, and Jeff Cole, Senior Software Engineer, discuss Attunity Replicate, a high-performance data replication solution with a Click-2-Replicate design. A demo of the solution, showing SQL MP data movement from HP NonStop to the large data warehouse, HP Vertica, are presented.

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Enhancing Malware Detection and File Delivery Automation in Highly Secure Environments

With OPSWAT and Attunity

Organizations today have a basic need to move data both internally - between networks/domains - and externally, in B2B file exchange operations. However, these seemingly simple tasks have become quite challenging in the face of mounting regulations and increased security levels. Additionally, the threat from malware and virus attacks is also increasingly difficult for IT teams to manage. View this webinar to learn about best practices and key technologies for enhancing malware detection and file delivery automation. Specifically, you will learn how Attunity MFT, combined with OPSWAT’s Metascan, will:  

     * Automate the process of transferring files wherever they need to go
     * Incorporate multiple anti-malware engine scanning to eliminate risk of malware attacks
     * Greatly reduce manual efforts currently used to inspect and move data through highly-secured network tiers.

In addition, Reza Khan, Attunity's Director Global Support Services, discusses and demonstrates the combined Attunity MFT and  OPSWAT Metascan software solution.

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Making Big Data Analytics Easy

With Greenplum & Attunity

This webinar, featuring Greenplum's Dave Menninger and Attunity's Itamar Ankorion, discusses Big Data challenges and what can be done to make Big Data easy. We explore several interesting use cases, highlighting companies in various industries that have used the latest technologies to succeed with analytics and gain competitive advantage. Additionally, we review an easy-to-use, high-performance data replication solution that accelerates data movement for use in predictive analytics and business decision making.

View and learn about:
•    Overcoming heterogeneity – disparate data sources and types –  in data replication
•    Eliminating data transfer bottlenecks when loading data into the Greenplum data warehouse
•    Traits of a successful predictive enterprise
•    Best practices for quickly improving large-scale and predictive analytics

A product demo of Attunity Replicate for Greenplum is also featured.

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HP NonStop Data Replication - New Strategies To Simplify Process & Reduce Costs

With Richard Buckle

Organizations that rely on the HP NonStop face increasing pressures to make its mission-critical data available to users. View this special webinar to hear industry commentator, Richard Buckle, share valuable time-saving insights about new advances in technologies to better enable data replication for the HP NonStop platform. You'll also learn about overcoming obstacles to access & share NonStop data, a new approach to enable real-time data replication for reporting & BI, a product demo & more!

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