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Attunity Click-2-Load for Microsoft PDW: Fast & Easy End-To-End Data Loading with Quick Time-To-Value

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This video highlights the high-performance and easy-to-use capabilities of Attunity 'Click-2-Load for Microsoft PDW. This complete data loading solution, engineered from the ground up to meet the high-performance demands of Big Data while being remarkably simple to use, enables operational data warehousing for Microsoft PDW environments. The result is end-to-end data loading with quick time-to-value.

Attunity 'Click-2-Load for Microsoft PDW empowers customers to quickly load data from heterogeneous data sources and then maintain the changed data continuously and efficiently. The solution effectively facilitates the latter function via log-based, TurboStream change data capture (CDC) technology, streaming changes captured from the source databases to the data warehouse with very low impact on the source.

Automate When You Can. Develop When You Must.
Attunity 'Click-2-Load for Microsoft PDW is an automated and highly-optimized solution that enables fast and easy loading to Microsoft PDW with minimal IT resources. When ETL is required, Attunity 'Click-2-Load for Microsoft PDW is a great complementary solution for handling the traditionally slow process of extracting and loading data. The Attunity solution will load data with high-speed and ease, enabling the ETL tools to process heavy transformations in the data warehouse, significantly improving performance.

Common Use Cases:
Get your Big Data to perform in all new ways. Simply ensure data is available when, where and how it's needed for:

» BI and Analytics

» Operational Reporting

» Data Distribution

» Test Data Refresh