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Managing Rapid Data Growth: A Trial By Fire Hose

 Is your data growing out of control?  The bad news is that you've got your work cut out for you when it comes to capturing and exploiting that data.  The good news is that there is a pretty good chance your company is being rewarded for those efforts.  This report explores the impact of rapid data growth on today's organizations and seeks to understand how companies are responding to the challenge. Big Data, Data management, Data Growth, Data Strategy, Attunity Research Report, Attunity Replicate, Big Data Permalink
Maximizing the Value of the Cloud

The volume and variety of data being produced from a widening array of sources is growing exponentially.  And, everyone from corporate executives to end users are becoming more data-driven for decisions and day-to-day activities. Read this report by THINKstrategies to learn more. Attunity Whitepaper, Attunity CloudBeam, Cloud, Big Data Permalink
Info~Tech Research Group 2012 Report - Vendor Landscape: Managed File Transfer

Managed file transfer secures and facilitates file transfer; it reduces risk and cost, increases reliability and visibility, and simplifies partner relationships. This research report is designed to help organizations select a solution for automated B2B (business-to-business) or ad hoc U2U (user-to-user) managed file transfer (MFT). Specifically, it will assist MFT buyers to understand what's new in the MFT market, evaluate MFT vendors and products for your enterprise needs, and determine which products are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios. managed file transfer, MFT, Secure file transfer, Operations Permalink
Executive-Led Analytics: Does Your Insight Start at the Top?

A strong analytical environment is a good thing, we get it. But who drives the initiative beyond the implementation of technology? It's one thing to have executive-level buy-in and budget for analytical initiatives, but it's quite another thing to have those very executives be the ones fostering analytical mentality and action within an organization. This knowledge brief, written by Michael Lock, Vice President and Principal Analyst of the Analytics & Business Intelligence Practice at Aberdeen Research, explores how today’s senior managers are investing in data to keep their organizations competitive. Business analytics, analytics, big data analytics, Aberdeen Permalink
The Analytical Executive: Getting Their Hands Dirty with Data

Today’s most critical decisions not only rest on the business feel and gut instinct of our senior executives, but also on a bevy of descriptive underlying data. The involvement of that data may have once been purely supporting or affirming in nature, but now plays a more central role for top executives. This report, written by Michael Lock, Vice President and Principal Analyst of the Analytics & Business Intelligence Practice at Aberdeen Research, explores how today’s senior managers are leaning more heavily on a data-driven mindset and analytical philosophy to drive their organizations forward.

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Forrester Report: Why Firms Struggle to Analyze More Data

Today’s organizations have tens, if not hundreds, of applications generating data ripe for analysis. In order to succeed in this customer-centric era, data insights must inform every function of the business, including customer experience, operations, marketing, sales, service, and finance. However, many enterprises struggle with integrating and gaining insight into these constantly growing stores of data. Why is this happening and how can the challenge be overcome? To learn how, read this insightful, commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Attunity.

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Enhancing the E in ETL - by Bill Inmon (Inmon Associates)

This report examines the Attunity legacy data extraction solutions for business intelligence and real-time ETL. Inmon Associates is the premier provider of Business Intelligence (BI) expertise to the public marketplace. ETL, CDC, change data capture, legacy data, business intelligence, bi, BI and analytics Permalink
Aberdeen Report: Smarter Healthcare: Analytically Fit, Operationally Efficient

From traditional reporting and data visualization to predictive analytics, the potential impact of analytics on healthcare is undeniably strong. Yet, 40% of healthcare professionals are challenged by a lack of data to support critical decisions. This report, written by Michael Lock, Vice President and Principal Analyst of the Analytics & Business Intelligence Practice at Aberdeen Research, discusses how to make your healthcare organization analytically fit and operationally efficient.

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Aberdeen Report: On-Premise to the Cloud: Keeping Up with the Analytics Revolution

As the complexion of the typical organization has evolved over the years (more remote employees, more off-premise activity), the tools we use to support critical decisions have been forced to evolve as well. As those analytical capabilities have expanded though, they may have outgrown an on-premise-only approach to creating and consuming insight. Read this analyst paper from the Aberdeen Group to learn more.

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Aberdeen Report: Analytics for the Internet of Things: Who, How, and Why?

The hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) has surpassed fever pitch and expectations about what can be done with its endless stream of data are slowly descending back into the realm of possibility. As the IoT, and its buzz, continue to mature, it is valuable to better understand the current reality of IoT analytics. Who is engaging IoT data? How are organizations getting IoT initiatives off the ground? What kind of analytical tools are needed? Are there tangible benefits of engaging IoT data that justify all the hype? This report from the Aberdeen Group examines the analytical personas who are engaging IoT data, details how organizations are supporting them, and discusses the possible benefits of IoT analytics. Download it to learn more.

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