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Managing Rapid Data Growth: A Trial By Fire Hose

 Is your data growing out of control?  The bad news is that you've got your work cut out for you when it comes to capturing and exploiting that data.  The good news is that there is a pretty good chance your company is being rewarded for those efforts.  This report explores the impact of rapid data growth on today's organizations and seeks to understand how companies are responding to the challenge. Big Data, Data management, Data Growth, Data Strategy, Attunity Research Report, Attunity Replicate, Big Data Permalink
Maximizing the Value of the Cloud

The volume and variety of data being produced from a widening array of sources is growing exponentially.  And, everyone from corporate executives to end users are becoming more data-driven for decisions and day-to-day activities. Read this report by THINKstrategies to learn more. Attunity Whitepaper, Attunity CloudBeam, Cloud, Big Data Permalink
Info~Tech Research Group 2012 Report - Vendor Landscape: Managed File Transfer

Managed file transfer secures and facilitates file transfer; it reduces risk and cost, increases reliability and visibility, and simplifies partner relationships. This research report is designed to help organizations select a solution for automated B2B (business-to-business) or ad hoc U2U (user-to-user) managed file transfer (MFT). Specifically, it will assist MFT buyers to understand what's new in the MFT market, evaluate MFT vendors and products for your enterprise needs, and determine which products are most appropriate for particular use cases and scenarios. managed file transfer, MFT, Secure file transfer, Operations Permalink
Attunity Replicate: Solving Data Management Challenges

Nucleus Research found that customers who have implemented Attunity for their data management processes were able to improve user productivity, increase organizational trust in the data, and free up IT to be able to focus on new projects and business initiatives. Read the full report to discover more about the increased trust in data and improvements in operations that global healthcare, manufacturing, oil and gas companies alike are realizing with Attunity Replicate for their Data Replication initiatives. Analyst report, ROI, Attunity Replicate, data replication Permalink
Aberdeen Report: Self-Service Analytics, The Cloud, and Timely Insight

Gone are the days when Business Intelligence (BI) was the sole province and responsibility of IT. The need to become more data-driven throughout the organization is consistently the top pressure driving new analytical investment. This report by Peter Krensky, Research Analyst for Analytics and Business Intelligence at Aberdeen examines the analytical practices of Best-in-Class organizations, and discusses the benefits of self-service BI tools and a cloud deployment.

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Minimize TCO, Maximize Operational Efficiencies for SAP: Attunity Gold Client Solutions


Attunity offers a software tool suite that minimizes the resources, storage, and time required to manage, support, and secure data across SAP environments. This EMA product brief reviews Attunity Gold Client Solutions and recognizes Attunity as a leader in the SAP data environment management space. 

EMA Perspective 

EMA’s research finds Improved Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for Data Management Environments to be a significant business driver associated with big data initiatives. Increasing Operational Efficiencies During Design and Production follows as another important business driver for these next generation data management initiatives.

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About EMA

Founded in 1996, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) is a leading industry analyst firm that provides deep insight across the full spectrum of IT and data management technologies. EMA analysts leverage a unique combination of practical experience, insight into industry best practices, and in-depth knowledge of current and planned vendor solutions to help EMA’s clients achieve their goals. Gold Client, SAP, Data management Permalink
Aberdeen Report: The Impact of Intuitive BI Tools in the Cloud

While the latest bells and whistles of Business Intelligence (BI) technology grab the majority of the market’s attention, what ultimately matters is how end users engage data and generate insight. Aberdeen Group’s 2015 Business Analytics survey collected data on the BI strategies and performance of diverse organizations across a wide range of industries. This Knowledge Brief by Peter Krensky, Research Analyst for Analytics and Business Intelligence at Aberdeen highlights the analytical approach of Best-in-Class organizations and demonstrates the impact of user-friendly cloud BI tools.

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Eckerson Group Report: Which Data Warehouse Automation Tool is Right for You?

By Wayne Eckerson, The Eckerson Group

If your organization has a data warehouse, you need to read this ground-breaking report.

Building a data warehouse has historically been a complex and time-consuming task, but it no longer needs to be. Data warehouse automation (DWA) solutions eliminate most of the manual effort required to build, operate, maintain and document data warehouse and data mart environments. This report, “Data Warehouse Automation Tools: Product Categories and Positioning” by Wayne Eckerson at The Eckerson Group, outlines and defines the importance and value of automating your data warehouse environment. The report also helps you choose the solution that’s right for your business with profiles on the four leading DWA products available today, including Attunity Compose. Download it now!

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Aberdeen Report: Data-Driven Manufacturing in the Age of Insight

From machine data and real-time production information to traditional financial reporting data, few industries cam claim a more fertile ground of data like the manufacturing sector. The challenge for these firms is transforming that data into usable insight in order to feed the growing thirst for analytics in the workforce. This report by Michael Lock, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Analytics & Business Intelligence at Aberdeen focuses on manufacturing organizations and their adoption of technologies and strategies for business analytics.

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Gartner Research Report: Navigating Hadoop Data Lakes

Read this definitive guide on Hadoop Data Lakes featuring research from Gartner*

In this eGuide, we explore the use of Hadoop data lakes. Hadoop data lakes have become increasingly more prevalent in the IT landscape because they support data scaling and accessibility. However, introducing Hadoop into an existing architecture can be a challenge.

Download this Hadoop Data Lakes eGuide to learn about:

  • Gartner’s View: on Hadoop data lake trends and practices
  • Challenges: How to overcome typical Hadoop data lake challenges
  • Tips: Which data to keep and move and best approaches for analyzing usage
  • Best practices: using Hadoop to make data accessible enterprise-wide
  • Solutions: for analyzing and moving data quicker and easier to/from Hadoop required
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