Leadership Team

Attunity’s seasoned leadership team is focused on delivering high-performance and radically simple information availability solutions to increase productivity and improve competitive advantage of enterprises worldwide. Following are the profiles of the Attunity leadership team. You may also refer to our page outlining Attunity's Board of Directors.

Shimon Alon

Chairman and CEO

Shimon Alon, Chairman of the Board, was appointed Chief Executive Officer on June 1st 2008. Previously Mr Alon was CEO of Precise Software Solutions, a leading provider of application performance management. Following the acquisition of Precise by VERITAS Software Corporation in June 2003, Mr. Alon served as an executive advisor to VERITAS. Prior to Precise Software, Mr. Alon held a number of positions at Scitex and its subsidiaries including President and Chief Executive Officer of Scitex America and Managing Director of Scitex Europe. Mr. Alon holds a degree from the Executive Management Program at the Harvard Business School.

Dror Harel-Elkayam

Chief Financial Officer

Dror has been Attunity's Vice President of Finance and Secretary since October 2004. Prior to that he served as Director of Finance and Corporate Secretary of Precise from August 1997 until June 2003, and as Finance Manager of Precise from June 2003 until September 2004, following the acquisition of Precise by Veritas. Mr. Harel-Elkayam holds a B.A. degree in economics and accounting from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. He is also a certificated public accountant in Israel.

Mel Passarelli

Executive Vice President, Sales & General Manager of the Americas

Mel Passarelli is the Executive Vice President, Sales & General Manager of the Americas at Attunity. In this role, Mel is responsible for increasing Attunity’s penetration in multiple verticals across the workplace applications market. Mel leverages his years of experience in sales to drive both the direct sales and indirect sales opportunities for Attunity. Mel brings over twenty years of experience in the enterprise software space and in engineering.

Prior to joining the company, Mel was vice president of sales for various private and public software companies helping them to achieve rapid growth. He spent over thirteen years helping...

Erez Zeevi

Executive Vice President, Research and Development and Global Technical Operations

Erez is responsible for the research and development of all Attunity software products as well as the worldwide after-sales support and maintenance of those products. With more than 20 years of working in various programming, engineering/development, project and management roles, Erez has deep experience in all aspects and all levels of the R&D and support functions. Erez holds a BSc. in software engineering from the Israel Institute Of Technology.

Itamar Ankorion

Executive Vice President, Business Development and Corporate Strategy

Itamar Ankorion is the Executive Vice President of Business Development and Corporate Strategy at Attunity. In this role, Itamar is responsible for Attunity’s market and product strategy, as well as Attunity's alliances including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and SAP. Prior to this role, Itamar served as head of marketing and product management. Itamar has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, business development and product management in the enterprise software space. He holds a BA in Computer Science and Business Administration and an MBA from the Tel Aviv University.

Matthew Hayes

Vice President, SAP Business

Matthew Hayes serves Attunity as Vice President of SAP Business. Hayes joined Attunity through the acquisition of Hayes Technology Group, which he founded in 1998. Hayes has nearly 20 years of experience in the SAP industry and is the creator of Gold Client Solutions, a leading solution to replicate data between SAP environments. Gold Client is used daily by some of the largest SAP databases in the world and continues today as a vital solution in the SAP ecosystem. In this role, Hayes continues to lead and oversee the SAP innovations for Attunity.

Paul Kelly

Executive Vice President of Sales, EMEA

Paul Kelly is Attunity’s Executive Vice President of Sales in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In this role, Paul is responsible for developing the EMEA region and growing revenues through strategic direct sales efforts and partner initiatives in this key global segment.

Prior to joining Attunity, Paul served as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Aria Networks, a leader in optimisation and capacity management for telecom networks. Paul joins Attunity with over 30 years’ experience in sales management and high-technology markets, selling solutions for database management, data warehousing, analytics, document management and mainframe performance. Paul also...

Frank Gelbart

VP, Visibility Business

Frank Gelbart is an accomplished executive who has led both privately-held and publicly-traded technology firms. Frank was one of the founders and the CEO of Appfluent prior to its acquisition by Attunity in 2015. Prior to Appfluent, Frank served as Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Entevo Corporation, where he spearheaded sales growth that culminated in an acquisition by BindView Development. Prior to Entevo, he was Vice President of Sales at CyberGuard Corporation. Before joining Entevo he was VP of Rest of World Sales for Cheyenne Software where he oversaw sales operations in Asia, Canada and Latin America.