Enterprise File Replication Solutions

Although file replication or synchronization is often considered a fundamental IT processes, it’s easily compromised by complex file structures, large files, inconsistent Internet connectivity, or human error.  Native server operating system tools, scripted solutions and manual processes offer limited scalability, provide poor visibility in IT processes, and ultimately deliver inconsistent results.


How Attunity Can Help

To ensure continuous availability of information and accommodate virtually any Enterprise File Replication (EFR) scenario, Attunity EFR enables IT teams to centrally manage replication, synchronization and transfer processes of any size files, across any network or topology. Attunity EFR invokes include/exclude policies on file types, overcomes challenging network connections (long-haul WAN, IPSat, Wireless, etc.), enables real-time updates, and provides centralized visibility into all replication processes. The Attunity EFR advantage ultimately improves information availability and business competiveness.


Use Cases