Data Replication Solutions

Market Environment

Organizations recognize the power that can be derived from analyzing and acting on data that resides within their systems. Business users want operational and real-time reporting, as well as sophisticated business intelligence (BI) and analytics. By using analytics to develop a more complete view of buyer behavior, companies can predict purchases and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities. In sectors like financial services, real-time analytics and data mining are used to prevent and detect fraud. Robust reporting is also needed for compliance with regulations like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and others.

Business and Technology Challenges

To support these requirements and many more, IT teams are turning to technologies like data warehousing, query offloading, and data distribution. However, it is difficult to provide information to users in near real-time. Consider the following challenges:

  • “Big data” is difficult to manage and analyze using traditional database software tools. Deriving big value from big data depends on quickly and efficiently loading rapidly changing information into data warehouses. Conventional tools simply don’t work well under these conditions.
  • Traditional data warehouses aren’t suited for low-latency data movement. The technical infrastructures in place at many organizations can’t keep pace with user reporting and analysis needs. As a result, business decisions are delayed because data can’t be integrated and analyzed quickly enough.
  • Production database infrastructures aren’t designed to support analytics. Gathering and storing data, while providing real-time access to information for business intelligence can put a huge strain on performance. As a result, users experience excessive waits for reports and analysis may need to be postponed to times when the system is less taxed.

How Attunity Can Help

With Attunity Replicate, IT teams can distribute information for business intelligence and analytics quickly and economically. The product allows organizations to load data efficiently to operational data warehouses, create copies of production databases for operational reporting, distribute data across data centers and the cloud, offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and more.

Attunity Replicate’s key differentiators are high performance and simplicity. Its in-memory streaming technology results in replication speeds that are up to ten times faster than the competition with CDC that is up to three times faster. The Zero Footprint architecture means that no agents must be placed on the source or target, eliminating overhead for mission-critical systems. In addition, every step of the replication process is automated and the Click-2-Replicate user interface offers drag-and-drop functionality. That means that IT teams don’t need master DBA skills to install and use the product.