Data Access Solutions

Market Environment

Organizations recognize that better business decision-making is made possible through information availability for initiatives such as business intelligence (BI) and analytics. But before business users can begin analyzing and gathering insights, they must first gain access to data from a wide variety of sources. Data access forms the foundation of successful enterprise information initiatives. Once enterprise data has been integrated, it is possible to launch business intelligence and analytics reporting systems, portals, and more.

Business and Technology Challenges

IT teams are on the frontlines of solving organizations’ data access challenges. These include:

  • Integrating a wide variety of diverse data sources. Business insights are revealed when data from all corners of the enterprise are brought together. This means accessing and integrating legacy systems, which may use relational and non-relational databases. In some cases, data from sources outside the organization may also need to be accessed for more comprehensive analyses. It’s no surprise that unifying these mazes of information sources can be challenging.
  • Completing integration projects in a way that is both timely and low-risk. To derive the maximum value from BI projects, organizations want to analyze information as soon as possible. Data integration projects that take a long time to complete simply aren’t acceptable. On the other hand, taking a high-risk approach to complete integration projects quickly isn’t prudent. IT teams must strike a balance between efficiency and risk minimization.
  • Budgets for BI and analytics projects are often limited. Thanks to the recent economic downturn, many organizations are focused on doing more with less. As a result, the financial resources available to support BI and analytics projects may be limited. IT teams must find low-cost, but reliable solutions for data access and integration.

How Attunity Can Help

Attunity Connect is an ideal data access solution for making enterprise data sources seamlessly accessible. IT teams can quickly integrate diverse data sources and offer business users real-time access to information. Attunity Connect provides pre-built drivers and adapters to over 35 data sources on over 25 computing platforms. Using straightforward configuration, enterprise data sources are easily accessed by Java, .NET, and web applications, as well as reporting, business intelligence, and data integration platforms.