Attunity Customers

Thousands of customers worldwide, across industries, rely on Attunity products to simplify access to their information assets and to achieve real-time integration and event capture.

And through our OEM partners, among the leaders in the software market, our technology brings value to thousands more additional customers worldwide.

Financial Services

Deutsche-Bank100pxl.jpg hsbc - 100px.gif ny-life-logo.gif Raymondjames100pxl.gif lloyds100.gif

More Financial Services Customers  |  Financial Services Case Studies

Manufacturing, Industrial, Supply Chain 

aklogo - 100px.gif chevron 100pxl.jpg Kaman Aerospace100pxl.jpg Stanley-100px.gif

More Manufacturing/Industrial/Supply Chain Customers  | Manufacturing/Industrial/Supply Chain Case Studies


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More Telecommunications Customers  | Telecommunications Case Studies

Public Sector & Government

BBC-logo.gif homeland-security-logo.gif department-treasury-logo.gif FAA 100PXL.gif US POSTAL SVC 100PXL.gif

More Public Sector & Government Customers  | Public Sector & Government Case Studies

Health Science & Healthcare

ge healthcare.gif glaxo-smithkline-logo.gif NMCLogo_100x.jpg Sharp Healthcare 100pxl.gif webmd-logo.gif

More Health Science & Healthcare Customers  | Health Science & Healthcare Case Studies

Information Technology

cisco-logo.gif HP 100PXL FINAL.gif microsoft-logo.jpg sony-logo.gif sun-logo.gif

More Information Technology Customers

SAP Environment

Brown Forman Logo Mercedes Benz Logo Northrop Grumman Mentor Graphics quote

SAP Environment Case Studies

Other Industries

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