Attunity Customers

Thousands of customers worldwide, across industries, rely on Attunity products to simplify access to their information assets and to achieve real-time integration and event capture.

And through our OEM partners, among the leaders in the software market, our technology brings value to thousands more additional customers worldwide.

Financial Services

Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank logo hsbc - 100px.gif ny-life-logo.gif Raymondjames100pxl.gif lloyds100.gif

More Financial Services Customers  |  Financial Services Case Studies

Manufacturing, Industrial, Supply Chain 

aklogo - 100px.gif chevron 100pxl.jpg Kaman Aerospace100pxl.jpg Stanley-100px.gif

More Manufacturing/Industrial/Supply Chain Customers  | Manufacturing/Industrial/Supply Chain Case Studies


cw_logo.gif omnitel - 100px.jpg Shaw cable100pxl.gif Sprint 100pxl.gif telemar100pxl.gif

More Telecommunications Customers  | Telecommunications Case Studies

Public Sector & Government

BBC-logo.gif homeland-security-logo.gif department-treasury-logo.gif FAA 100PXL.gif US POSTAL SVC 100PXL.gif

More Public Sector & Government Customers  | Public Sector & Government Case Studies

Health Science & Healthcare

ge healthcare.gif glaxo-smithkline-logo.gif NMCLogo_100x.jpg Sharp Healthcare 100pxl.gif webmd-logo.gif

More Health Science & Healthcare Customers  | Health Science & Healthcare Case Studies

Information Technology

cisco-logo.gif HP 100PXL FINAL.gif microsoft-logo.jpg sony-logo.gif sun-logo.gif

More Information Technology Customers

SAP Environment

Brown Forman Logo Mercedes Benz Logo Northrop Grumman Mentor Graphics quote

SAP Environment Case Studies

Other Industries

Accu weather 100 pxl.jpg exxon-mobil-logo.gif fuji-xerox-logo.gif hbo-logo.gif JM FAMILY 100 PXL 1.gif

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