Cloudera and Attunity Deliver on the Promise of Hadoop

Big Data has changed the way that we use and manage data. We now have more data than we've ever had before from more sources across the organization. Working together, Attunity and Cloudera offer a solution to alleviate those challenges. Enterprises are leveraging our solutions to dramatically improve the flow and accessibility of their data into Hadoop. 

Right Data. Right Place. Right Time.

Attunity Replicate moves data into and out of Hadoop from all major databases, data warehouses, and structured files. Together, Attunity and Cloudera proactively address exploding data growth, the transfer of Big Data into Hadoop, and realize the tremendous economies of Hadoop.

Attunity Replicate is easy to use which means that you don't need to have special Hadoop expertise to perform data optimization or integration with Cloudera. The web-based, graphical user interface makes it easy to transfer your data without having to code or use a command line. 

Using Attunity Replicate, customers can:

  • Reduce time and resources required to move data for Hadoop
  • Lower the costs associated with moving data for Hadoop
  • Move data in batch as well as incrementally with low latency
  • Automate movement across Hadoop and data warehouses
  • Use Hadoop as both a source and a target system
  • Manage the data supply chain - including data lakes - through a graphical user interface


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