Cloud Solutions


“Increasingly, companies are learning that platforms like Attunity CloudBeam can help extend and significantly scale their data center operations to meet Big Data demands more efficiently and affordably in the cloud.”

- Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director, THINKstrategies Inc.


Adoption of cloud computing solutions is on the rise among enterprises of all kinds. Cloud-based solutions are attractive because they are both elastic and economical. Additional computational resources can be allocated on the fly to handle increased demand in minutes, rather than taking days to procure the space and capital equipment needed to expand in-house computational resources. Organizations only pay for the capacity they need. Increased resources can be obtained to handle spikes in load and then released, once the spike has subsided.

Cloud computing is well suited for a variety of business needs, such as:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) and Predictive Analytics. Data is the lifeblood of both BI and predictive analytics. Storing large volumes of data in the cloud is often more cost effective than keeping it on premises. Since the cloud allows organizations to quickly roll out large numbers of servers, BI and analytics are more accessible to companies of all sizes.
  • Big Data. The volume, variety, and velocity of information that enterprises have access to and must manage is greater than ever before. Many organizations have begun to leverage the cloud as part of their Big Data strategy because leaving these processes within the data center requires large investments in technologies, resources, and training that companies may not want to fund.
  • Disaster Recovery. In a traditional environment, disaster recovery often involves contracts with IT vendors covering managed services and may include construction of new data centers. The time and capital investment required for establishing and maintaining this type of system can be hard to justify, since the infrastructure is hugely over-provisioned to accommodate the worst case scenario. Disaster recovery in the cloud is simpler and more cost effective, because cloud environments can be brought up in minutes and are flexible in the face of dynamic business requirements.

Common Use Cases:

  • BI/Predictive analytics
  • Big Data management
  • Content distribution
  • Information availability
  • Disaster recovery

Attunity CloudBeam is available for: