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Online Travel Company Reigns in Data Growth Costs

The online travel industry continues to grow at a steady – albeit, conservative – pace. Forced to evolve alongside consumers, the industry’s future growth will be driven by technology investments that enable companies to better target users and deliver more customized services. That can only mean one thing: more data. In order to ensure success, online travel companies must better manage the data deluge. Read more to learn how one online travel company accomplished this.

Making Smart Decisions about What Data to Keep

The business keeps asking for more data, but more data doesn’t guarantee better analysis. The only thing more data guarantees is increasing data management costs. It’s critical that IT organizations learn how to make smart decisions about what data to keep – and what to offload to lower cost platforms. Learn more in post 4 of the Dan Woods series.

Managing Data Platforms with Less Complexity

As data grows, the platforms that support it both increase in size and multiply because different platforms optimize different workloads. That’s why placing data on the right platform is critical to enabling enterprises to efficiently manage data. Successful enterprises are taking notice and realizing significant benefits by modernizing and optimizing data placement. Learn more in the third post in the Dan Woods, Attunity series!

Effectively Managing Your Data Warehouse for Higher Value

Moving data, transforming data, and making it available to the business is a very expensive process. Given data’s rapid rate of growth – and the amount of waste in the current data management paradigm – it’s time that IT organizations and their solution providers transform the economics of data. Read the second post in the Dan Woods, Attunity series to find out more.

IT Peers into Big Data to Manage Value

No one would deny that data growth is an unstoppable trend. But that’s not the issue. The real issue is how organizations can make big data meaningful when IT resources are shrinking. Find out more in the first post of the Dan Woods and Attunity series.

What Mobile Banking & Kenya Teach Us About The Power Of Data

Big Data analytics hold universal value because investors and businesses everywhere need to know more – about their customers, markets and partners. The more we know, the lower the risk of new ventures.

Big Data Gifts and Stories to Educate Your Children this Holiday Season

As in many families, my kids don’t share my excitement for my line of work. It’s not easy to explain the value of analytics and data management to a third grader, first grader and toddler. We are all students of how data analytics is changing our world. Learn more about how Attunity can help you integrate analytics data and change your organization.

The Opportunity and Challenge of Cloud Migrations for Public Sector Organisations

Today, governments are under great pressure to operate more efficiently with fewer resources.

This is easier said than done. About 57% of public servants are challenged by limited resources and 33% struggle with disparate data sources, according to a recent Aberdeen Group survey of public sector agencies globally. To deliver more with less, Aberdeen Group found most respondents are using analytics to better manage performance, budgets and forecasts, and reduce operational costs.

Within the UK, public sector organisations face continued pressure to reduce expenditure and deliver more services. This has prompted UK Chancellor of the Exchequer,...

Attunity CloudBeam Now Transferring Data to Google Cloud SQL

Today, Attunity announced a new cloud offering, Attunity CloudBeam for Google Cloud SQL. Attunity CloudBeam now accelerates data transfer between on-premises enterprise data sources and Google Cloud SQL which customers can leverage for cloud-based business intelligence (BI) and Big Data analytics applications.

Riding the November Events’ Rollercoaster

Boy is November a busy time of year! Since the first firework went off at the start of the month, this month has been a rollercoaster of conferences for the UK Attunity Gold Client team – from SAP TechEd Barcelona at the beginning of November to the UK & Ireland SAP User Group Conference last week.

At these events it’s always a fantastic opportunity for Attunity to have a booth in the exhibition hall. It’s our chance to show off our solutions to demonstrate how they can help you, see old friends and keep up to date with...