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Data Matters: Why the ODS is Making a Comeback

September 16, 2014

In this five part blog series, I’ll be exploring how operational data stores (ODSs) are playing a central role in many organizations’ data strategies. I’ll begin by looking at why ODSs are making a comeback 20 years after their introduction. Then I’ll consider how IT leaders can “sell” the ODS idea to key stakeholders, as well as best practices for implementing an ODS once you’ve got everyone to buy into the idea.

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Director of Business Development

Why We Love an ODS (and Why You Should Too!)

September 5, 2014

Data is the lifeblood of most organizations. Each business unit has a keen interest in “plying the data” to yield both operational efficiencies as well as to deliver new, profitable applications and services to their internal or external constituents.

A Tangled Web: The Ad-Hoc Data Sharing Approach

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Attunity Maestro Picks up the Tempo

September 2, 2014

We are at it again!

You asked for it. We delivered.  We are pleased to announce that Attunity Maestro has just undergone a massive upgrade featuring lots of exciting, new capabilities.  Once again, Attunity is innovating the way that managing and distributing data in the enterprise can be done. We started this journey with the initial release of Maestro back in April.  And now just five months later, with the introduction of a bunch of ground-breaking updates, Attunity Maestro is better than ever!

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AWS Redshift Customers Speak Out on New, Easy Shortcut for Data Loading

August 20, 2014

Want to know a shortcut for loading data into AWS Redshift?

The Secret is now out. Customers are speaking about the new ‘Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift’ solution available via the AWS Marketplace. Here is a sample of what they are saying:

Best tool for AWS Redshift” 

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Blazing Fast Analytics Should Be Fun!

August 8, 2014

Blazing Fast Analytics Should Be Fun!” That was the tweet from my friend Christopher Day @cdaly1970, the Chief Outbound Engineer and Self Appointed Mouth-Piece in Big Data Systems, about the #HPBigData2014 Conference taking place next week, August 11-14th, in Boston.

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Overcoming Challenges for a Yellow Jersey and Big Data Insights

August 6, 2014

In the world of professional cycling, the Tour de France is a BIG deal and a BIG challenge. Riding 3,664 kilometers in 21 stages at this year’s Tour required spectacular displays of athleticism, perseverance, and strategic savvy. At the end of it, Vincenzo Nibali was crowned 2014’s champion. Victory came as a result of Nibali and his Astana team identifying the challenges and implementing a variety of strategies to put him on the podium in the prized yellow jersey.

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New Nucleus Research Report Available Now: Solving Data Management Challenges

July 23, 2014

There’s a new report available for download on Attunity’s website, authored by a leading, third-party research organization - Nucleus Research. For this report, Attunity Replicate – Solving Data Management Challenges, Nucleus interviewed a number of Attunity Replicate customers to understand these companies’ data replication requirements and how they use Attunity Replicate to achieve their IT and business goals.

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The Big Data Redemption

July 22, 2014

Yeah, we all know about the value of big data and how it can either change the world, or let corporations know a bit too much about your kids.

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iN Demand Chooses Attunity to Accelerate Media Loading to Amazon

July 17, 2014

When enjoying Pay-Per-View or Video-On-Demand programming, have you ever stopped to think how such media is served to the masses?  Answer:  behind the scenes is a company called ‘iN DEMAND’ and their media delivery technology is truly impressive. 

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