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Loading Data to Amazon Redshift Simply Cannot Get Any Easier

July 1, 2014

Amazon Redshift is one of the ultimate Cloud success stories.  Literally within minutes, a customer with nominal budget and resources can provision an enterprise-grade Data Warehouse, extract meaningful Business Intelligence, and start realizing a Competitive Advantage. 

To build upon the first-year market success of Amazon Redshift, AWS has introduced a ‘Free Trial’ program (  At no charge and no risk, new customers can set out to assess the viability of Amazon Redshift. 

Needless to say, the value of a Data Warehouse is tied closely to the availability of incoming data and pursuant analytics.  And many recognize that supplying data to Amazon Redshift comes with well-known challenges, including the potential for manual processes – extracting, shipping, chopping, importing, etc. 

For customers looking to trial Amazon Redshift, or go live in production, Attunity is excited to introduce our solution designed for even faster setup and simplicity:

Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift – EXPRESS

Attunity Free Trial Offering:

Amazon Marketplace – 30 day Free Trial & Hourly:

Loading data to Amazon Redshift simply cannot get any easier.  

The Express version includes a 30-day Free Trial.  This is a Self-Service option in which customers may leverage Easy-to-Use Guides ( to configure Attunity and get data moving in less than an hour.  Should a customer seek more hands-on help, Attunity is happy to assist. 

Designed for simplicity, ‘Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift – EXPRESS’ facilitates BATCH DATA LOADING.  With minimal setup, customers can simply ‘Click-to-Load’ and supply data sets to Amazon Redshift. 

For customers who would benefit from near real-time, incremental Change Data Capture, Attunity offers its flagship solution: 

Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift (Premium) – Hourly

The Attunity AMI design allows customers to maintain end-to-end control over their data, infrastructure, and network.  The AMI lends itself to function within a VPC. 

For those unfamiliar with the ‘Attunity CloudBeam for Amazon Redshift’ solution, here’s a capture of the Features & Benefits …


  • Acceleration:  high performance data transfer
  • Guaranteed Delivery:  automatic recovery, security, auditing & reporting
  • Automation:  Real-time, scheduled, or on-demand tasks execution
  • Zero Foot-Print Architecture:  no need to install software on source / target machines
  • Interface:  Drag & Drop for easy configuration
  • Schema & DDL Replication
  • Transformations:  Flexible target database schema mapping and transformations
  • Content-Based Filtering


  • Quick & Easy Setup:  Click-to-Load in minutes
  • End-to-End:  Database to Redshift Loading / CDC
  • Acceleration:  Best-in-Class transfer speeds & guaranteed delivery
  • Easy-to-Use:  Can be setup in minutes via Amazon Marketplace AMIs
  • Automation:  Intuitive Administration & Scheduling
  • Data Integrity:  Assured by way of check-mechanisms
  • Monitoring:  for peace-of-mind, control, and audit
  • Security:  Industry-standard SSL encryption
  • Affordable:  Available Hourly via the Amazon Marketplace or BYOL

For those using the AMI model, Attunity welcomes any feedback regarding your experiences and success!  Contact us at