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Innovative Thinking Sets Trends for Advancing the Use of Managed File Transfer

September 26, 2013

Innovative Thinking Sets Trends for Advancing the Use of Managed File TransferThe 2013 Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape report has been released with Attunity being named as an "Innovator" and earning the "Trend Setter Award" for pioneering the integration of Cloud and Big Data connectors within an MFT solution.

In the new report, Info-Tech Research Group surmises that Attunity provides a full-featured MFT solution that doesn’t break the bank.

Attunity MFT stands out in the market,” commented Garrick Herrmann, Vice President of Sales for Attunity. “We are proud that Info-Tech Research Group has recognized Attunity MFT in this capacity and are confident that our customers will continue to benefit from our solution’s extensive capabilities.”

Managed File Transfer is becoming an essential productivity and security booster for any organization whose business relies on secure file sharing and exchanges for day to day activities. Examples being:

  • Organizations subject to regulatory and compliance laws such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.
  • Organizations concerned with security of current file transfer protocol based platforms.
  • Companies that need to sunset legacy FTP servers and related processes.
  • Enterprises integrating external business partner data with internal HR applications.
  • Loan officers or government entities securely exchanging and managing applicant data.
  • Cloud-based information exchange.
  • Analytics teams collecting log files for analysis in Hadoop.

Info-Tech conducts research on business-critical solutions such as MFT, to help decision-makers understand what is new in the MFT market, to evaluate various MFT vendors and products and explain what features are offered and to help determine which products are most appropriate for a particular use case.

The most recent research regarding various MFT vendors and customers validates that organizations have outgrown FTP as a viable solution due to cumbersome administration, security concerns and the lack of speed, stability and recoverability features.   Legacy file transfer solutions simply don't have the horsepower or the full breadth of features necessary to properly manage the volume and velocity of data being transferred in today’s dynamic business environments.

Learn more about how Attunity is addressing these concerns with a comprehensive, secure, user- friendly managed file transfer solution.