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Healthcare IT Pros Can Do Great Things with a Strong Infusion of Big Data

March 20, 2013

Healthcare IT Pros Can Do Great Things with a Strong Infusion of Big Data - AttunityThe potential for transformation​-based big data analytics has become clear in nearly every field over the past few months. Modern organizations simply deal with more data on a regular basis than they did in recent years, meaning the resources needed to complete the transition are in place. This generated an interesting tension in sectors like healthcare. Professionals in these fields can do great things - even save lives - with a strong infusion of big data. However, they must make sure they have powerful ways to transfer the information they use. Without dedicated options like enterprise file replication, these firms could end up simply throwing away investment money.

The Healthcare Imperative

The introduction of analytics technology into the health sector has become a recent topic of discussion at industry gatherings. according to Healthcare IT News, the process was breached by experts Gregory Veltri and Mical DeBrow at the HIMSS Annual Convention and Exhibition. The presenters stated that healthcare firms need a firm grasp on data use best practices when they explore the possible transformation.

According to the source, DeBrow stated that "Technology alone cannot resolve the management of data. Technology will provide the data," however, firms will need to make a "cultural shift in how data is perceived and managed ... It is important to remember that this is an integrated effort that requires clinicians of all types, as well as non-clinicians, to get this right."

Healthcare IT News reported that Veltri broke down the process of big data management in healthcare into easy steps. The transformation begins with definition, followed by collection, analysis against benchmarks and culminates in making the information actionable. Users need to have access to something they can make sense of, meaning data must be in the correct part of the infrastructure and a format they know how to work with.

There are many ways to transfer information throughout companies, but legacy systems are typically unsuited to big data in both its massive scale and unfiltered content. That is where replication comes in.

The Modern Age of Delivery

Files are huge these days, and there are more of them floating in corporate archives than ever. They are also fast, flowing into companies' infrastructures at an alarming rate. This is where replication comes in. Making the switch away from a legacy system can relieve some of the pressure facing infrastructure. Bottlenecks and other major problems should come as no surprise for leaders who stick to their old-fashioned tech options. After all, those tools were designed when data scale was entirely different.

Data in the healthcare field can lead to ambitious projects predicting the spread of disease and looking for commonalities between patient ailments, leading to new treatment options. The world's increasingly digital health records are an excellent source of information in these cases. However, analytics in this field shares a common thread with analysis in business, one leaders should not overlook: It is at its best when done quickly. Having the tech tools in place to make that speed and effectiveness possible is important.

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