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Attunity Is In Tune

January 10, 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to Attunity’s premier post in our new blog, ‘In Tune’!

Attunity-In-Tune.jpgWe’re excited to write regularly about a myriad of interesting topics— from the latest market trends and technologies, to best practicessuccessful customer stories and more. We intend to keep you ‘In Tune’ and coming back, with exciting editorials and opinion pieces by guest bloggers including industry experts, technology pundits, and the market’s most forward-looking thought leaders.

Some of the hot topics you can expect to see covered here will run the gamut from Big DataData Replication, and Cloud Computing, to Business IntelligencePredictive AnalyticsModernization, and more. You should also expect to see engaging and sometimes controversial posts on niche markets including HP NonStop and OpenVMS.

Overall, we plan to pique your interest with relevant topics and invite you to add your thoughts. For example, you may know that one of the biggest challenges currently facing IT groups is how to tame the Big Data beast…no surprise there…but perhaps you didn’t know that, according to IDC, the rate of spending on cloud initiatives will surpass $36 billion next year. That’s 4x the overall IT industry rate of growth! Along with that spending, IDC expects a huge shift away from self-built systems and, at the vendor level, a stream of mergers and acquisitions of cloud providers.

In 2012, Attunity will continue our focus on thought leadership, product innovation and customer success. Keep reading our blog for all the latest insights and be sure to stay ‘In Tune’ with Attunity’s next scheduled blog post on making faster business decisions using real-time data for BI and analytics. Until then, happy reading and we wish you much success in the New Year.