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4 Modern Data Loading Tips to Save Time, Money & Your Sanity

June 5, 2013

Is your system architecture and process for moving data getting in the way of growing your intelligent business? If the pathway for getting new data into your business intelligence (BI) system goes through the maze of software development, in your company, it just might be...

So you need software development. If you are lucky, there is a developer sitting on the bench with no other work, vacation, training etc planned that can "get ‘er done" quickly.  Not so fast, do you have budget? She needs to charge her time to a project — Oh yeah, we need to test it if its going into production, can you get it on the schedule for operations? No other big projects scheduled at the same time?

Ugh, the “just a couple of hours” estimate is now a 40-hour project that needs approvals from marketing, the CTO, CIO, and anyone else in the organization that has the power to say “No."

Here are 4 tips for modern data loading that can save you a lot of time, money, and your sanity!

  1. Ditch the development — Look into data ingestion/integration software that frees up your developer hours. Save those hours for revenue generating projects that exploit the opportunities you uncover with all the new data you are able to analyze.
  2. Find your "wingman" — Partner with a company that has the right solutions for your business needs. Things you might need: the capability to handle heterogeneous data sources, minimal impact on the source systems, automated processes, and/or graphical interfaces that make set up a snap. Your wingman should be able to help you get the data into your BI environment when you want it without a lot of hassle.
  3. Consider ingesting all the data in raw form — Gone are the days when data had to be cleansed, no pristine, before it entered the hallowed halls of the data warehouse. Let your data analysts sort out what is valuable within the BI environment. Who knows what nuggets they will find.
  4. Boost your BI System ROI by loading smarter — Don't wait weeks or months to access new data sources; enhance your loading processes so you can "do it now!"

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