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How Hadoop And The Data Warehouse Divide And Conquer

April 27, 2015

There seems to be some confusion about the juxtaposition of data warehouse and Hadoop. In order to clear up the confusion it is necessary to step back and take a close look at what is going on.

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Managing Director and Head of Customer Innovation & Strategy

Hadoop And The Enterprise Data Warehouse: Like Peanut Butter And Chocolate

April 21, 2015

Some believe that Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) will continue to coexist, side-by-side, solving different use cases. The peanut butter is over here, and the chocolate is over there.

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President and Chief Technology Officer
Forest Rim Technology

Attunity Compose Answers Three Longstanding Data Problems

April 17, 2015

In the beginning (circa 1965) were applications. Then there were online applications (circa 1975). Then data was shared between applications through extract programs. And the large corporate organization woke up one day with too much data on its hands.

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Senior Director and Technology Evangelist

Three Surprising Things about The Internet Of Things

April 16, 2015

Like all lifelong students of technology, I’m always looking for the break in the pattern, the needle that pops conventional wisdom, the surprise that opens new ways of thinking about the future.

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Senior Director and Technology Evangelist

Three Reasons Data Scientists Might Prevent The Next Market Collapse

April 14, 2015

Remember Richard Fuld?

Next month Fuld, a lightning rod for Wall Street criticism, will give his first major public speech since Lehman Brothers collapsed on his watch as CEO in September 2008. As we all remember, that event contributed to a surprise implosion in global markets, jobs and our 401K plans.

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Director of Marketing Communications

Play the Next Industrial Revolution to Your Advantage

April 7, 2015

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is made up of billions of devices that are collecting and transmitting data to support one of the fastest-growing areas in global business – Big Data. In fact, a recent IDC forecast shows that the Big Data technology and services market will grow to $41.5 billion through 2018 or about six times the growth rate of the overall information technology market. 

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Director of Product Management

Learn More About Attunity Visibility

March 30, 2015

Join the experts from Attunity, Hortonworks, and RCG Services to learn how the newest addition to Attunity’s growing product portfolio – Attunity Visibility - at two webinars. You can register for one or both!

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Director of Business Development

Thinking Big with Teradata

March 27, 2015

Recently, I had the pleasure of representing Attunity and joining our friends at Teradata as a valued partner and sponsor of the Teradata User Group meeting in the "City by the Bay" - San Francisco, CA.

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Director of Business Development

Overcoming Challenges on Your DevOps Journey

March 23, 2015

I’ve just returned from a short road trip to visit some of our European clients and I find myself reflecting on many of the IT-related business discussions I had. From banking to retail, they all had the same challenge - how can we make IT more effective?  

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Director of Sales

Harnessing Wall Street Data

March 19, 2015

This week, we headed to New York City for a Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) event focused on Harnessing Wall Street Data.

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