Attunity CDC for SSIS

Market Environment

When Microsoft introduced SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), many organizations adopted this simple, low-cost data integration solution which uses extract, load, and transform (ETL) technology. However as data volumes have increased over time and business users’ requirements for real-time information have grown, bulk data transfers have become a liability for IT teams. Organizations need faster, more efficient methods for extracting data and loading it into SQL Server databases.


As IT teams explore data integration tools to augment SSIS’s ETL capabilities, they must take into account several considerations:

  • Bulk data transfers and batch windows are the source of many data integration bottlenecks. When processing or network resources are in limited supply, the bulk data transfers associated with ETL processes can create a heavy performance burden. In addition, batch windows often create system bottlenecks.
  • The IT environment may be complex, requiring tools that work well with many heterogeneous platforms. While SSIS implies that the destination database is SQL Server, the broader IT environment may be more complex, with data sources residing on many different platforms. Any new data integration solutions must work well with both SSIS and other platforms.
  • New integration solutions should be as easy to use as the Microsoft Development environment. IT organizations that use the Microsoft Development environment are accustomed to accelerators and wizards that make the creation of SSIS packages both simple and error-free. Ideally, new integration solutions will use this same user-friendly approach.

How Attunity Can Help

A change data capture (CDC) solution, used in conjunction with SSIS, offers a highly efficient and cost-effective solution to these enterprise data integration challenges. Thanks to its tight integration with SQL Server Integration Services, Attunity CDC for SSIS provides an end-to-end operational data replication (ODR) solution for streaming real-time changing source data. Organizations can leverage their existing SQL Server investments and implement enterprise-class data replication, synchronization, and real-time BI and data warehousing projects.

Since Attunity CDC for SSIS uses log-based change-data-capture technology, data can be moved in a continuous data stream with minimal impact on source systems. Data transfer latency is reduced as much as possible. The product’s intuitive, easy-to-use wizards accelerate implementation and deployment times, while reducing IT resource requirements. Attunity CDC for SSIS also supports a wide variety of source systems.



November 2011
Attunity CDC Recognized with “Community Choice” Gold Award by SQL Server Magazine for Best Business Intelligence Software

sql-server-editors-best-nov-2011.png November 2011
Attunity CDC Recognized with “Editors’ Best” Silver Award by SQL Server Magazine for Best Business Intelligence Software


November 2010
Attunity Recognized with “Editors’ Best” Bronze Award by SQL Server Magazine for Best Business Intelligence Software


November 2010
Attunity Recognized with “Community Choice” Bronze Award by SQL Server Magazine for Best Business Intelligence Software


June 2010
Attunity SQL Server-CDC for SSIS Named “BEST OF TECH·ED 2010 AWARDS FINALIST” by SQL Server Magazine


August 2009
Attunity Recognized for Excellence with 2009 Readers' Choice Award from Visual Studio Magazine