Attunity CDC

Log-Based Change Data Capture (CDC) for Efficient, Real-Time Data Integration and Event Capture

Attunity CDC (formerly Attunity Stream) captures and stages only the changes made to enterprise data sources, including data warehouses, relational database management systems (RDBMS), and non-relational databases. This log-based change data capture (CDC) solution allows IT teams to move large volumes of data by leveraging existing ETL (extract, transform, and load) tools and investments.

Attunity CDC's very-low-impact, non-intrusive architecture eliminates the need for bulk data updates/refreshes, frees up valuable batch windows, and enables real-time data integration and event processing initiatives, supporting mini-batch, micro-batch, and continuous processing of change events/records.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficient: unique non-intrusive and highly scalable architecture designed for minimal impact on source systems, and large/growing data volumes
  • Robust: high resilience and flexibility that provides maximum throughput and security
  • Real-time: provides real-time information to the people that need it
  • Coverage: available for many data sources
  • Low cost of ownership: easy to configure and maintain, lowers system resource requirements, frees up IT resources

Attunity Stream

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Uses log-based change data capture technology to capture only the committed transactions on the source system
  • Eliminates the need for bulk batch updates, freeing up valuable batch windows
  • Supports various change delivery models including mini batch, micro batch, and event-driven
  • Supports multiple ‘change consumers’
  • Integrates seamlessly with leading ETL and integration products
  • Dramatically reduces the required resources for batch/bulk ETL
  • Eliminates risk of large bulk-data-update failures
  • Supports filtering of tables and columns, as well as content-based filtering
  • Reliable delivery and recovery

Leading data integration vendors including IBM, Oracle, and Business Objects have chosen to rely on Attunity Stream change data capture technology to extend their offering. In addition, Attunity works closely with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) for which a dedicated change data capture software offering is now available.